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Warzone console players furious as mid-season update breaks the game

Published: 15/Jan/2022 20:12

by Jaret Kappelman


Warzone players have been experiencing problems since the release of the mid-season update. And now, console players are frustrated that it’s crashing the game.

The Warzone Pacific Season 1 Reloaded update was released on January 12. This gave players the Welgun SMG as well as balance changes to the game’s weapons.

Despite the new content, players have still been reporting issues with the game such as Gulag glitches, out-of-map issues, and more.

However, console players are seeing another bug hinder their gameplay with a glitch leaving them stranded in a crash loop.

Warzone console players claim new update broke game

In a Reddit post by ‘geTplasterd,’ they are reporting consistent game freezes shortly after launching Warzone on their Xbox console.


Warzone freezing at Ricochet anti cheat screen. Is anyone else experiencing this? from CODWarzone

Other players in the thread replied reporting the same issue. However, these are coming from PlayStation users, which means this is occurring only on consoles.

Apparently, when Warzone is launched it takes people to the RICOCHET screen, which then freezes and crashes the game.

Redditors say that this started after the mid-season patch, “I haven’t been able to play post update.”

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Warzone console players are having issues loading into the game.

Console players are finding this quite frustrating as they have to load the game multiple times and hope that they can get one round where it finally lets them in.

Some players have reported a fix for this, however, it doesn’t work for everyone. They say that you need to “Uninstall all of the game add-ons except for the base game.”


While this will get rid of the Modern Warfare multiplayer it has a high chance at resolving the issue for Warzone. If a more effective fix is revealed or if Raven Software offer a solution we will update this as soon as it’s available.