Hilarious Warzone 2 bug traps players inside Buy Stations

buy station in Warzone 2Activision

Warzone 2 has seen its fair of different bugs, some very serious, and some a bit on the lighter side. Though, a new issue has cropped up where players get trapped inside Buy Stations.

The Warzone 2 player base noticed a new bug that traps players underneath the Buy Station if a player happens to dive into it from the front.

Multiple players have detailed their encounters with the new bug, with a common complaint being that issue has crept up after the Season 2 Reloaded update that went live on March 15.

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WZ 2 players frustrated that Buy Stations keep trapping them

User Jesus_COD uploaded a clip to the r/CODWarzone Reddit where he dives into the Buy Station and promptly becomes stuck inside of it. He then uses the precision airstrike to knock himself down and manages to wiggle out of the Station and self-revives.

Many players shared their misadventures with the bug, confirming that it’s not a one-off issue but an easily replicable bug.

“Yup, happened to me twice. The solution is: don’t prone jump to shops anymore,” advises one user.

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“That happened to us in DMZ. My buddy cooked his grenade and everything. Couldn’t get out. We had to go get an ATV and drive it up to the Buy Station so he could get in it, that’s what got him out,” wrote another user revealing how one can become “unstuck” if playing with friends.

It’s a fairly preventable issue, and there are ways to get yourself unstuck from the situation if you are playing with friends or have a self-revive on hand, but you could be forced to just quit the match if you’re just running as a solo.

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For the time being, players are advised to avoid diving near the Buy Station or jumping on top of it if one does not wish to be swallowed by it.

We’ll have the latest updates about Warzone 2 issues and fixes here, but it’s also worth keeping an eye on the official Trello board of the developers.

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