Warzone Buy Stations are still causing players big problems

Warzone player using Buy StationActivision

Warzone’s Buy Stations are still causing huge problems for players — despite promises that they would be fixed all the way back in March when the game first launched.

Despite Warzone’s success among not only Call of Duty players but the gaming community as a whole, there are a number of issues that are causing some serious rage-inducing moments for players — and Buy Stations continue to be a frustrating sticking point for players.

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Back in Season 3, players were unable to respawn their eliminated teammates from Buy Stations thanks to a frustrating bug, but this problem is something that has been much more persistent — yet equally as annoying.

As you can see in the clip below, posted by ssuxbryan, they head to the Buy Station to buy back their eliminated teammates, who come back without a hitch.

Instead, it’s Bryan who is stuck in this scenario, unable to stand up or move, glued the spot where he laid when he used the Buy Station.

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Though it’s massively frustrating and could completely ruin someone’s chances of getting a win in Verdansk, it’s not new by any means.

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Back in July, popular streamer TimTheTatman posted a video to YouTube in which it happened to him, too, unable to move after using the Buy Station to bring back teammate Huskerrs.

Timestamp 8:20

Despite the ongoing issues, looking back at prior updates and patch notes, Infinity Ward were actually looking to fix this issue just days after the game launched all the way back in March.

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As mentioned, IW were looking to address an issue where “players can get stuck under a Buy Station if going prone while interacting with it,” and this appears to be what happened to bryan in the first clip.

However, Tim wasn’t prone at all when he faced the glitch, but instead seems to be crouched behind it, wedged between the Buy Station and a wall.

So, if you’ve lost games because of this glitch, don’t worry because you’re definitely not the only one. Whether this is the exact same glitch that Infinity Ward addressed back in March is unclear but, needless to say, they’re going to want to get it fixed.

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