Warzone Buy Stations glitching is crashing the game

André González Rodríguez
warzone crash

In Warzone, players use Buy Stations to set themselves up with all sorts of equipment to aid them in gunfights, but a new glitch is crashing their games.

As if Warzone players didn’t need to deal with more issues following the addition of Vanguard and the Festive Fervor event, one of the game’s staples, the Buy Station, is also experiencing problems.

Buy Stations allow for players to use their hard-earned cash to better equip themselves in their Battle Royale journey.

They come with a plethora of items and options, and they can range from armor plates to airstrikes and UAVs that help participants take out their enemies with ease, as well as give the ability to revive a teammate.

call of duty warzone buy station verdansk
The Buy Station is essential to use in any Warzone match.

Warzone Buy Stations glitch is crashing players games

Normally, Buy Stations are a welcome sight for any Warzone enjoyer but now, it’s been crashing games. It’s a horrible feeling expecting some sort of salvation from a Buy Station only to have your game freeze or crash.

Brought up by Reddit user fatversionofyou on the COD Warzone subreddit, this new glitch is ruining players’ ability to play the game.

In the Reddit post, they inquired other Warzone players’ opinions of this glitch, wondering if they were the only person experiencing it.

“Am I the only one this happens to?” asked the Reddit user. “Ever since they brought back Rebirth, the buy station makes my game freeze for 5-10 seconds or just completely crashes to the Xbox dashboard every time I use it lol. Cool feature.”

The glitch is not only freezing or players games as according to others on the thread, there are varying problems that have also surfaced.

“Happens to me too. That and every couple Games it’s unplayable because everyone is stuttering around regardless of me being on 27 ping,” said one. “I just came off for a bit. Guns won’t load, terrain won’t load, takes 5mins for putting on armour. Gulag is worse somehow. It is literally unplayable,” said another.

Not being able to grab your UAV to aid you in your battles or being unable to revive teammates massively dampers both the player and game experience. Only time will tell if Activision will address it.