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Rare Warzone forfeit message is taking wins away from players

Published: 9/Apr/2021 10:35 Updated: 9/Apr/2021 12:16

by Alex Garton


While playing a game of Warzone, Thomas ‘Tommey’ Trewren and Ben ‘Almxnd’ received a weird forfeit screen in the final circle. Neither of them had seen it before, and it’s fair to say that they were left extremely confused.

Warzone Season 2 has arrived, and as with every update, Raven Software has left easter eggs and clues around the map for players to find. From new buy stations that sell advanced level perks, to hints at an upcoming 80s themed Verdansk overhaul, there’s no doubt the developers have some big plans for the future of the title.

Despite this, the two well-known Warzone players discovered another strange feature that they’d never seen before while playing a match on April 8. The scenario occurred in the final circle and involved them receiving a forfeit screen after the last opponent left the game.


Warzone forfeit screen

Warzone players receive “forfeit” screen in endgame circle

The final circle of a Warzone match is incredibly tense, requiring a clear head to come out on top. Only one squad can pick up the win and secure the victory, though, or so we thought, as Tommey and Almxnd received a forfeit screen in the concluding moments of a match.

After searching the entirety of the final circle for their opponent, both players received a countdown timer and a notification that their enemies were forfeiting the match. This was no doubt a result of the last team leaving the game during the final circle.

What’s strange, though, is that neither of the veteran players had ever experienced this feature before, and were both left incredibly confused.


Despite sticking it out to the end of the game, Tommey revealed that the match didn’t count as a win on his statistics. This is very strange, as you’d imagine they’d receive a victory for being the last players standing.

It’s clear this is a feature that most of the game’s community haven’t experienced in the final circle. It’s hard to know whether this forfeit screen has been in the game since release, or was added in a later patch.

Either way, it’s hard to understand why a player wouldn’t receive the win after their opponents leave the match. This is hopefully something Raven will looking into amending in the future.