NICKMERCS tells people playing Warzone over Apex Legends or Fortnite to “get a grip”

Nathan Warby
NICKMERCS with Warzone and Caldera background

In an incredible rant, streaming giant NICKMERCS has urged Warzone players to “get a grip,” arguing that the CoD battle royale has fallen way behind its competitors in recent weeks.

The battle royale scene is more competitive now than ever before. Apex Legends has a dedicated fanbase of passionate players, while the decision to offer a Zero Build mode in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 has revitalized Epic’s take on the formula.

Meanwhile, Warzone continues to be plagued by technical issues and unbalanced weapons that are stopping the CoD BR from living up to its potential. Despite the relatively positive response to Season 2 Reloaded, many fans are still unhappy with where the game is right now.

Streamers have also called out the state of the game since the move to Caldera. Most recently, Twitch superstar NICKMERCS has condemned Warzone, suggesting there is no reason to choose it over the competition.

warzone redeploy balloon
Warzone has taken features from Apex Legends, but that hasn’t been enough to bring NICKMERCS back.

During his April 4 Twitch stream, NICKMERCS began discussing how the likes of Apex Legends and Fortnite have outshone Warzone in the last few months. He quickly erupted into a rant calling for players to leave Caldera behind.

“Warzone is [a] f*****g shambles,” he explained, fighting back the laughter. “Fortnite is on fire, Apex is [immaculate].”

“If you are playing Warzone right now, you need to get a f*****g grip,” he continued. “Ok? Full transparency, you need to get a grip. You’re f*****g high, man.”

The popular streamer didn’t seem to have any sympathy for those who still flood back to Warzone time after time, ending the rant by saying: “You’re doing it to yourself.”

It’s no secret that Nick has favored Apex Legends over Warzone after he dramatically quit the CoD BR back in August of 2021. He has dabbled since moving over to Apex, but even the move from Verdansk to Caldera wasn’t enough to entice him back in.

Raven have introduced plenty of fresh content since then, even adding Redoploy Ballons plucked straight from Apex Legends, but it appears that none of it altered his opinion on Warzone.

Like many players, NICKMERCS has been looking ahead to Warzone 2 and outlining what it needs to do to be a success. Maybe, an entirely fresh start will be enough to bring the legendary streamer back onboard.