NICKMERCS hits back at critics claiming Warzone 2 is making him worse at Apex Legends

NICKMERCS in FaZe shirt in front of Warzone and Apex Legends charactersNICKMERCS/Respawn/Activision

Streaming star Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff hit back at some critics claiming that playing Warzone 2 had affected his skill in Apex Legends after a round of games went poorly. 

Since getting involved in the competitive side of Apex Legends, NICKMERCS has pretty much dedicated his Twitch channel to Respawn’s battle royale. 

When Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 were released, though, plenty of fans quizzed him on when he’d jump over. The FaZe Clan star noted that he wasn’t too interested at the start and wanted to focus on Apex. However, he’s been giving Warzone 2 a go as of late. 

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He’s still been logging hours upon hours in Apex Legends, but some critics have questioned whether or not switching back and forth is hampering his skills on the more competitive front. 

NICKMERCS responds to fans saying Warzone 2 affects his Apex Legends games

It was something that came up during his January 19 stream, as Nick switched from grinding Warzone 2 to playing some scrim games of Apex. 

Things didn’t exactly go to plan for his Apex trio as they struggled to win gunfights and made a few slip-ups when it came to positioning. For that, Nick took some flak. 

“I feel like, individually, I’m not playing a bad set. I know the outcome is really shitty and we’re not doing well as a team, but if the quick and easy blame is ‘Oh Nick has been playing CoD’ then I don’t know if that holds up,” he said. “That contest we had with ESA was won by me. I put the first guy down, hit the other guy for 80 with a shotgun, I did my job and some.” 

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Timestamp of 0:50

Nick admitted that he’d made some slip-ups during the session but his trio was struggling to make their own luck and were challenging teams in situations where they didn’t need to. 

As we’ve seen in the past, when he really needs to lock in for Apex, Nick will put his full focus on it. So, some fans might just have to give him a little bit of space.