NICKMERCS claims Apex Legends is much more competitive than Warzone 2

NICKMERCS in MFAM clothing next to Catalyst from Apex LegendsIG: NICKMERCS / Respawn

Twitch streamer and ALGS competitor Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has outlined why he thinks Apex Legends is more competitive than Warzone 2, explaining why he’s set to continue competing in the former. 

NICKMERCS’ transition from CoD streamer to Apex Legends Global Series competitor has been seriously impressive. It’s arguably made all the more admirable by his stints competing in Fortnite and Gears of War, demonstrating his versatility and inherent talent for video games of all varieties.

Recent streams have seen him dive into Warzone 2.0, marking a slight deviation from his previous steadfast commitment to Apex Legends only

However, he has now explained why he won’t swap competing in Respawn’s BR for competing in Infinity Ward’s. 

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NICKMERCS can’t see himself competing in Warzone 2

In a January 19 livestream, the MFAM founder delved into why he’s set to stick with pro Apex Legends, rather than competing in Warzone 2.

Asked by a viewer whether he has more fun on Apex or CoD, he replied: “Both. Just different kinds, you know. I like competing and I really don’t think Warzone is a game to compete in. I don’t see it happening, especially for me. I don’t even think it’s a skill issue or anything. I tried it in the first one and it got to a point where you just couldn’t do it.” 

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He went on to explain that there were specific issues with players in Warzone lobbies, something Apex doesn’t suffer from to the same degree. He did, though, state that Warzone 2 is fun to play casually. 

“Unless it was a private [Warzone] lobby and even then there were so many smelly little creatures,” he continued. “I think Apex is great for BR competitive. In fact, I think Apex has a great thing going. Warzone 2 is smelly in general? It is man, it is. It’s fun playing with the boys.” 

In short, ALGS fans can look forward to having Nick light up their scene for the foreseeable future, even if questions continue to arise over Apex Legends as an esport. 

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