NICKMERCS reveals his own Apex Legends Ranked mode is coming

Josh Taylor
Nickmercs staring at the camera whilst live on twitch looking annoyed.

Twitch streamer and Apex Legends Global Series competitor Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has announced he is launching his own ranked league.

NICKMERCS has perhaps been more well-known to the gaming world as a content creator and streamer than as an esports athlete. Catapulting to success through streaming popular games of Fortnite, Warzone, and more recently Apex Legends.

Last year the FaZe member made the decision to try and compete in the ALGS, Respawn’s Apex Legends esports league. Just a few days ago Nick was knocked out of the ALGS last chance qualifier, which came after an impressive losers bracket tournament run where his squad ultimately placed 11th. He and his team have still not had much success in the pro scene, having only competed under the team name ‘Tripods‘ with long-serving teammates Deeds and Gent.

Why has he decided to create his own league and ranked system?

The announced league is the result of frustrations with how the game has changed over time, with fellow players highlighting the flaws with the game itself and its ranked system which is claimed to be too easy to rank up and not competitive. 

Nick while live on Twitch jokes: “It is a little selfish man I need something to play”, he goes on to highlight unless you’re a new player, such as CoD legend Scump who has become recently “addicted” to the game, then it’s not enjoyable.

Taking it into his own hands, he announced he has been working on a ranked mode equivalent behind the scenes. “I can’t do this anymore man they won’t give us a rank mode that we deserve so we’re gonna figure it out”, he says.

He goes on to express his excitement for developing an improved ranked system as well as a “small league” that both aspiring Apex esports players and NICKMERCS fans can enjoy either watching or playing.

A launch date has not yet been revealed by Nick, however, once further details and release dates are announced we will keep you updated. In the meantime, check out all things Apex here.