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NICKMERCS shows off his new lethal Bullfrog Warzone loadout

Published: 16/Feb/2021 10:41

by James Busby


Call of Duty content creator Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has created a powerful Bullfrog loadout in Warzone that can be lethal in Verdansk. 

While this Bullfrog loadout won’t remove the MAC-10 from the very top of the meta rankings, it’s still a good pick for those that like the extra ammunition the Bullfrog affords them. After all, having an SMG that can take out multiple foes in a single clip is always going to be beneficial across Verdansk.  

Of course, just like every gun in Warzone, you’ll need to kit the Bullfrog out with the best attachments. Fortunately, Warzone streamer NICKMERCS has demonstrated just how lethal this SMG can be. If you’re looking for a gun that has a high ammo count and decent hipfire, then the Bullfrog is a great option.

NICKMERCS’ Bullfrog Warzone loadout

Activision / Treyarch
Nick’s Bullfrog loadout is worth giving a go.
  • Muzzle: GRU Suppressor
  • Barrel: 7.4” Task Force
  • Stock: No Stock
  • Underbarrel: Spetsnaz Grip 
  • Ammunition: Stanag 85 Rnd

Nick’s Bullfrog loadout is different from our Black Ops Cold War multiplayer version, as it mainly focuses on the gun’s range and mobility. Unlike the MP5, the Bullfrog can actually hit targets outside of the usual close-quarter ranges. While it won’t beat any of the game’s powerful ARs, it can get you out of a tight spot if you find yourself out of rifle ammo. 

GRU Suppressor is a vital attachment as it increases the Bullfrog’s damage range, while also offering sound suppression that quietens your shots. This enables you to effectively gun down your enemies without having to constantly switch to your AR for mid-range engagements. 

The 7.4” Task Force also increases the gun’s overall damage, increases bullet velocity, and adds even more damage range. While this loadout will never beat Warzone’s best snipers, both the Muzzle and Barrel greatly bolster the Bullfrog’s ranged kill potential. 

Due to the SMG’s clean default iron sight, Nick has a lot more options available when it comes to creating the perfect loadout. As a result, the No Stock attachment has been used to help increase the Sprint to Fire Speed, which allows you to react to threats that much quicker. 

After all, being able to sweep corners and remain mobile is something every SMG player will want. This is particularly useful when you’re going for those sneaky flanks or hyper-aggressive pushes. 

The Spetsnaz Grip decreases both the Bullfrog’s vertical and horizontal recoil, giving you excellent precision and handling. Not only does this make landing headshots easier, but it also stops you from having to wrestle for control whenever you fire. 

Lastly, the Stanag 85 Rnd will give you enough bullets to wipe out multiple enemies and secure those game-winning kills. 

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Call of Duty

Warzone Season 2 Outbreak Event: rewards, how to play, dates, more

Published: 25/Feb/2021 6:53

by Brad Norton


To kick off Season 2 in Warzone, there’s a limited-time event for you to sink your teeth into. The Zombie-focused takeover known as ‘The Outbreak Event’ comes with new rewards, fresh loot, and plenty more. Here’s everything we know.

With the dawn of a new season in Warzone comes a heaping serve of fresh content. With Zombies taking over Verdansk and a new mode sending hordes to Fireteam maps, the undead are everywhere in Season 2.

The first thing you’ll notice upon booting up Warzone in Season 2 is a brand new event. The Outbreak Event is a limited-time takeover for the start of the new period in-game.

From event-specific rewards to limited-time modes, and everything in between, here’s what you need to know.

Warzone Season 2 The Outbreak Event: Dates

Warzone Outbreak Event
The Outbreak Event is now live in Warzone and BOCW.

Having started at the very beginning of Season 2, you’ll need to get in quickly with this limited-time event. The Outbreak Event is already live in Warzone and runs through until Thursday, March 11 at 10 AM PT.

That gives players roughly two weeks to unlock every item and complete all of the unique challenges on offer. 

Warzone Season 2 The Outbreak Event: Rewards

Warzone Outbreak Event
There’s plenty on offer throughout The Outbreak Event.

Similar to previous events in Warzone, there’s plenty on offer here. Your typical Stickers, Emblems, Calling Cards, and Charms are all up for grabs. Additionally, there are also exclusive Weapon Blueprints for The Outbreak Event.

In total, there are 18 unique items available throughout the brief takeover. Below is a complete rundown on every item along with how you unlock them.

  • Gas Mask – Charm: In Outbreak, successfully exfil 3 times
  • Aim for the Head – Calling Card: In Warzone, kill 20 Zombies with headshots
  • Amigos – Sticker: In Outbreak, eliminate 250 Zombies
  • Cleaning Supplies – Charm: In Warzone, eliminate 20 Zombies
  • Dark Aether – Accessory: In Outbreak, eliminate 10 elites
  • Strange Emission – Emblem: In Warzone, use lethal equipment to kill 8 Zombies
  • Grasp for Power – Sticker: In Outbreak, open 25 chests
  • Skull Survivor – Emblem: In Warzone, use vehicles to eliminate 3 Zombies
  • Pure Anguish – Charm: In Outbreak, complete 3 World Events
  • Heads Blazin’ – Sticker: In Warzone, eliminate 5 Zombies in a single match 3 times
  • On the Move – Calling Card: In Outbreak, Wrap 10 times
  • Shotgun Eliminations – Calling Card: In Warzone, use Shotguns to eliminate 8 Zombies
  • Special Eliminations – Calling Card: In Outbreak, eliminate 3 Special Zombies
  • One Punch, Two Punch – Calling Card: In Warzone, rapidly kill 2 or more Zombies 2 times\
  • Not the Last – Emblem: In Outbreak, use vehicles to eliminate 100 Zombies
  • Immolation – Emblem: In Warzone, use Pistols to eliminate 8 Zombies
  • Stitched Together – Charm: In Outbreak, complete 10 objectives
  • Quick Elimination – Calling Card: In Warzone, eliminate 8 Zombies before the first circle closes

How to play The Outbreak Event in Warzone Season 2

Warzone Outbreak Event
Whether you play BOCW or Warzone, you’ll have access to The Outbreak Event.

This brand new event is available to players across both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War’s new Zombie-themed mode of the same name. 

If you own the full version of Treyarch’s latest title, you’ll be able to tick off challenges until the final day on March 11. However, if you’re a free-to-play Warzone player, you’ve still got every chance to see and do it all.

To celebrate the launch of the new Outbreak mode, Treyarch has made it free to all Warzone players from February 25 to March 4.

Be sure to jump in quickly and get everything done before it’s too late. Once this limited-time event disappears, these rewards will likely be gone forever.

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