New Outbreak mode coming to Black Ops Cold War Zombies

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BOCW Zombies

Black Ops Cold War’s Zombie Outbreak mode has been accidentally leaked by the developers themselves, seemingly confirming the new undead CoD experience is on the brink of release. 

With the arrival of Black Ops Cold War Season 2 set to arrive on February 25, it’s fair to say the Call of Duty community is incredibly excited. The new trailer depicts a lush jungle environment and gives fans a few teasers of what they can expect from the update.

Despite this, apart from a few clues, nothing concrete has been shared on any new Zombies content for the title. The last thing to be added to the game for Zombies was Firebase Z, and that’s been massively popular with fans so far.

Well, a new leak may have just confirmed the rumors of a new mode arriving.

Cold War Zombies
Black Ops Cold War released November 13, 2020.

New leak confirms Cold War Zombies Outbreak mode

Although fans had heard reports that a new Zombies mode was coming, nothing had been confirmed by Treyarch. Now, a huge leak accidentally posted to the Call of Duty app has confirmed a new Outbreak mode for Zombies.

The leak doesn’t go into much detail but it does describe the mode as a “new, large-scale zombies experience.” This suggests Outbreak may put players into a bigger map that requires more operatives to take out the increased amount of enemies.

It will be interesting to see if Treyarch opts to shake-up the typical Zombie formula with this mode and create something unique and different.

COD leak

From what we know now, it’s extremely likely the next Zombies map will be set in the Ural Mountains. The location is even mentioned at the end of a recently discovered Zombies cutscene.

However, at this point in time, we still don’t know any details on the Outbreak mode and exactly what players will be doing within it. As the release of Season 2 is so close, it’s likely Treyarch will reveal a lot more information on the mode very soon.

Let’s just hope Outbreak enhances the  Zombies experience and gives Black Ops Cold War fans something to get excited about.

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