COD 2024 leak reveals game setting and zombies details

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A COD 2024 leak revealed where the game will take place, who will develop it, and what fans can expect from the Zombies game mode.

Early signs point toward Treyarch as the developers behind COD 2024. It fits the expected order of games, with Treyarch’s last installment, Black Ops Cold War, dropping back in 2020. It has also been corroborated by leaks that claim a new Treyarch-developed Warzone map will drop with the upcoming title.

Reportedly, Treyarch was set to develop COD 2023, but Activision reshuffled its development plans, moving Sledgehammer Games onto an expansion of MW2. Leaks also suggest that Treyarch had its budget approved for a 2-year lifecycle.

A new leak helped paint a clearer picture of what fans can expect from the scheduled COD game.

First COD 2024 Zombies details leaked

On November 22, CharlieIntel credited WindowsCentral for reporting: “Activision is considering potentially offering “weeks” early access to Call of Duty 2024’s Zombies mode via pre-order.”

The leak also revealed that COD 2024 will be a Black Ops title set in the Gulf War. And for the cherry on top, CharlieIntel corroborated the following claim: “Treyarch will have round-based Zombies in their 2024 game, but it’s unclear how many round-based maps there are at launch.”

Treyarch led the development of Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. Although the game mode bravely departed from traditional round-based gameplay, community members have praised the Zombies and DMZ hybrid experiment.

This would also be the first Black Ops title since Cold War in 2020. CharlieIntel reported: “Call of Duty 2024 is the first title in Call of Duty history to have a 4-year development cycle.”

It’s essential to take all leaks with a pinch of salt. As we have learned in the past, COD development plans are always subject to change.

To stay locked in for any future leaks, check out our COD 2024 coverage.

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