How to upgrade Monkey Bombs in Firebase Z Cold War Zombies

Tanner Pierce

The Monkey Bomb is easily one of the most iconic items that you can use throughout Black Ops Zombies history, allowing you to attract the undead into a cluster, and in the new Cold War map Firebase Z, you can apparently make them even better.

Even if you don’t really play the mode, most people know the iconic Monkey Bomb in Black Ops Zombies. You throw a cymbal monkey toy with some dynamite attached to its back, it attracts all of the nearby undead into a cluster, and then it explodes giving you an easy way to clear out a horde.

Generally speaking, with the exception of the map Gorod Krovi, there’s no way to make the bomb do any more damage, which means that it loses its effectiveness once you hit higher rounds. Luckily, that’s not the case in Firebase Z and upgrading is once again available.

The Monkey Bombs cost 1000 salvage in Zombies.

Upgrading Monkey Bombs steps

Unlike upgrading weapons or other items in the game, the way you upgrade the Monkey Bomb is a bit unconventional. Instead of going to the Pack-A-Punch machine or the normal upgrade station using parts, players have to complete a couple steps, almost like an mini-easter egg, in order to upgrade it.

Luckily, however, the steps are pretty easy to follow and can be done relatively quickly:

  1. Activate all three Aether Reactors and turn on the power
  2. Buy a Monkey Bomb from a crafting station
  3. Go to one of the Aether Reactors and then get 50 kills with the Monkey Bomb
  4. After you get all 50 kills, the next one you throw will be upgraded

All in all, it’s a pretty simple guide and can allow you to use the item into higher rounds without it feeling like a dud. If that guide is not clear enough, Glitching Queen, who originally discovered how to upgrade the item, posted a video tutorial which sums up everything perfectly.

It’s unclear whether or not players will be able to do this on future maps. As of the time of this writing, there’s no way to do this on Die Maschine so, until further notice, assume this method is just for Firebase Z.

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