Activision reportedly eyeing “weeks” of CoD 2024 early access for those who pre-order

Brad Norton
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Treyarch’s next release, CoD 2024, is reportedly eyeing the prospect of giving fans “weeks” of early access with select game modes. At least for those who pre-order.

Although Modern Warfare 3 (the second one) only just hit store shelves this month and we’re yet to even so much as reach its first big seasonal update, next year’s drop is already getting plenty of attention.

From early concept art leaked back in 2022, we learned Treyarch’s next hit is set to be another in the Black Ops series. Thus, players expected CoD Zombies to be back, and not like its shambling corpse of a rework in MW3, but in the form of its traditional round-based mode.

Now, new reports are suggesting that is indeed the case. But beyond that, it appears the devs may be considering the idea of letting Zombies fans in early, so long as they pay up.

Recent CoD titles have begun to follow a pattern, one where players can jump into certain parts of the experience early if they lock in their pre-order in advance. Both Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3, for instance, offered up the full campaign a week before multiplayer servers went online.

While this led to some early backlash for the latter, it’s a trend Activision is seemingly sticking with moving forward. In fact, the publishing giant even appears to be doubling down, according to reports from WindowsCentral.

Not only could the full CoD 2024 game be playable early for those who pre-order, but it’s possible select modes are on offer “even weeks” in advance, according to the report.

While no specific mode was listed here, CoD games typically follow the same trend with multiplayer, a campaign, and a third component of sorts, often Zombies when Treyarch is leading the charge.

operator using wunderwaffe in cod vanguard zombies
CoD Zombies could be returning to its former round-based glory in 2024’s release.

Although Modern Warfare 3’s latest outing with early access didn’t exactly go down all too well, contributing to some of the lowest review scores the series has ever seen, fans still appear happy with this direction on social media.

“This is great,” one fan said in response to the news of increasing the early access window. “I love being able to play modes without affecting [the] MP grind.”

“Treyarch isn’t known for their amazing campaigns like Infinity Ward .. so early Zombies makes sense,” another chimed in. “They don’t want a redo of MW3 campaign early access.”

Obviously, as we’re still almost a year out from the release of CoD 2024, do take this early intel with a grain of salt for the time being. We’ve still got plenty of support left for Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone before the next title comes into focus and with it, a potential expansion on the early access trend.

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