November 3 Modern Warfare leaks: new weapon camos, skins, emblems, more

Brad Norton

New leaks have revealed an abundance of upcoming content for Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare. From flashy weapon camos to animated icons and more, there’s a look to look forward to in the near future.

Modern Warfare released on October 25 with a brand new progression system in place,which saw Call of Duty players no longer able to prestige and reset their progress.

New systems have been implemented such as seasonal challenges and Trials that allow the community to attain certain unlocks in various ways. While there’s already a large number of cosmetics to unlock, new leaks have unveiled a heap of upcoming content.

The game launched with 20 Operators in total, nine for both the Coalition and Allegiance factions with additional default skins to boot. Based on newly leaked images from ‘That1MiningGuy’, each of the Operators could be getting an influx of skins very soon.

From different color variants to different outfits, it seems as though there will be plenty of customization coming to Operators. As it currently stands, each character has three unlockable skins, but a future update could add these cosmetics to bump up the numbers.

That1MiningGuyA look at some vibrant new Operator skins that could be added in the near future.

Next up the leaked images gave a look at a plethora of animated player cards. Typical for the Call of Duty series, animated cards are often reserved for some of the most difficult challenges in the game as they add that extra flair you just can’t get with static images.

It appears as though each killstreak will have an associated player card and that there might even be some cosmetics you can unlock outside of the game itself. For instance, an aminated Activision Aces card could potentially be unlocked by interacting with the Call of Duty community on the Activision support forums.

That1MiningGuyActivision Aces was introduced in 2019 as a way to reward members of the Activision support forums.

Additionally, the leaked intel gave us an initial glimpse at a wide array of player stickers that can be utilized on your favorite weapons.

Ranging from a Call of Duty Endowment sticker to the Infinity Ward logo and even a classic nuke icon, there should be much more depth to weapon customization in the near future.

That1MiningGuyThese images could also be included as unlockable sprays.

Last but not least, an assortment of weapon skins were put on display. Whether these weapon camos will be exclusive to new blueprints or if they’ll be unlockable across all weapon types remains to be seen however.

Hot pink camos for Assault Rifles and American Flag designs for SMG’s, if the leaks are to be trusted it’s safe to say that the current customization options in Modern Warfare are barely scratching the surface of what’s yet to come.

That1MiningGuyWith no loot boxes in Modern Warfare, these camos will have to be unlocked through gameplay.

With seasonal content playing a large role in Modern Warfare, it’s no surprise that new cosmetic content will be added with each passing season. 

Recently a huge list of potential maps and modes were leaked. Perhaps we could see these added to Modern Warfare alongside the newly leaked cosmetics in the next seasonal update.

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