CoD leaker reveals 5 weapons coming in Season 1 of MW3

John Esposito
CoD leaker reveals 5 weapons coming in Season 1 of MW3

CoD players are turning their attention to the future of MW3, as a handful of leaks point towards possible Season 1 content.

The launch of 2019’s Modern Warfare marked a significant change to the FPS’ post-launch support, as Activision and the developers shifted towards a seasonal model. Each season would boast a different theme, new weapons, skins, and more content for fans to chew on across the title’s slew of modes.

One key feature of the seasonal content was the “mid-season” refresh, a way of injecting some life into the current season at its midpoint.

MW3 will employ this same strategy of content flow, and leakers may have possibly discovered what the first season will bring.

CoD leaker says five weapons will come in MW3’s first season of content

Twitter/X user el_bobberto has been well-known for leaking CoD information. They previously leaked that CoD 2025 will be “Treyarch’s MW3,” and they’ve also leaked that Season 3 of MW3 will bring back weapons from Advanced Warfare, the title made by Sledgehammer Games.

Despite always joking with the community their leaking days are behind them, el_bobberto’s back for more. This time, they’ve shared that five guns will launch in Season 1 of MW3, although they remain unsure of what the fifth weapon is.

Should el_bobberto be true, three weapons will launch with the season start, most likely in the battlepass. At the midway point, two more will join, which will likely be unlocked via in-game challenges.

Provided these leaks are accurate, fans should expect these weapons to join the large armory in early December when the preseason for MW3 ends. However, as with any leaks and rumors, these claims may not be true, so take them with a grain of salt.

MW3 launches November 10, be sure to keep up to date with all of our coverage.

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