Game-breaking Modern Warfare bug allows you to see through smoke

A new bug has been discovered in Call of Duty community has had a few days to get their hands on Infinity Ward’s latest in the FPS franchise.

While numerous updates have already been rolled out and the developers have outlined their focus for the near future, some game-breaking bugs have still slipped through the cracks and this might be the most damaging yet.

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In an October 31 clip, Reddit user ‘Alexredmoz’ showcased how one of the deployable killstreaks in Modern Warfare allows players to peer through smoke grenades and spot the enemy.

Tied with the Personal Radar as the most easily attainable killstreak in the game, the Shield Turret can be earned with a mere three kills in a row. While relatively weak on paper, a new unintended function could see it widely used until the next patch. Just ensure that you set the turret in a better position than the player in the following clip.

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The turret has to be manually utilized, however as the recent clip highlighted, the shielded sections of the turret are able to see through the effects of smoke on any given map.

Quickly panning left to right while a smoke grenade is active, could allow you to pick off any advancing enemies by surprise.

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With smoke grenades prevalent throughout objective-based game-types such as Search and Destroy and even Headquarters, there’s no denying how devastating this bug can be. 

Especially when thermal scopes are taken into account. For the first time in franchise history, thermal scopes are no longer able to counter the effects of smoke grenades. An “intentional” design decision, as it currently stands this newly discovered turret bug is the only way to nullify smoke.

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Fortunately, Infinity Ward has been quick to issue fixes for a number of controversial issues since the release of Modern Warfare, and the developers have been engaging with professional players online to ensure that community feedback is taken into consideration.

While this bug remains active, keep your wits about you and try to remember that enemies might still be able to see you through smoke grenades.