Nadeshot lashes out at leaked Modern Warfare 3 Ranked Play Operator skins

Jeremy Gan
Nadeshot lashes out at leaked Modern Warfare 3 Ranked Play Operator skins

Nadeshot lashed out at the newly leaked Modern Warfare 3 Ranked Play Operator skins coming into effect with Season 1 Reloaded. 

As Season 1 of MW3 goes through its opening weeks, it has given players a look into what they can expect in the Season One Reloaded update, and in particular the much-anticipated arrival of Ranked Play. 

And as players eagerly wait for Ranked’s arrival in the mid-season patch, the community has been given a taste of what MW3’s Ranked Play Operator skins will look like in a new leak. However, it hasn’t exactly impressed everyone. 

And one of the unimpressed players was 100 Thieves’ CEO Nadeshot, who criticized the Ranked Play skins coming in Season 1. 

“I wouldn’t wear this Operator skin if they gave it to us for free in the store,” Nadeshot wrote in reaction to the leaked Ranked Play skins. 

He further explained his feelings towards the skins, “the rational part of my brain is thinking we should be grateful for Ranked Operator skins, but the customization fiend in me wants to condemn these Operators to hell.”

“Tough call but I think I’m gonna just keep complaining,” Nadeshot said sarcastically. 

A commenter pointed out the Ranked Play skins are technically free to get, to which Nade responded, “fair f***ing point, Frank. You win this one.” 

However, much of the community’s response to the incoming Ranked Operator skins mirrored Nade’s ambivalent response. 

“I speak for everyone when I say we will not be wearing these awful skins,” a commenter wrote on Breaking Point’s tweet on the leaked skins. 

“They look like the Thumbs from Spy Kids,” another commented jokingly about the Operator skins’ appearance.