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Call of Duty: Leaked Modern Warfare ranking system explained

Published: 9/Oct/2019 23:08 Updated: 10/Oct/2019 0:11

by Brad Norton


The traditional Call of Duty ranking formula appears to be getting a major revamp for the 2019 release of Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfareaccording to new leaks.

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‘Prestiging’ has long been a typical function in the Call of Duty franchise. When a certain level is attained in the multiplayer component of the popular First Person Shooter, players are able to enter prestige and reset their rank entirely. 

That popular system appears to be getting overhauled in the upcoming release of Modern Warfare on October 25 however.

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According to new leaks from TheGamingRevolution on YouTube, the traditional prestige system will not be present in the new entry whatsoever. “Instead, there is a new ranking up system,” the gaming personality explained. 


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    Seasonal ranks in Modern Warfare won’t be limitless, according to the leaks, the level cap should be “around 160, but that’s still being determined.”

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    The real challenge for those that want to grind the game will supposedly come from ranking up individual weapons now, as“most weapons will have over 80 plus levels.”

    There is “no need for permanent unlock tokens anymore,” the leaker elaborated. With the removal of the prestige system entirely, there’s no longer any need to permanently unlock a weapon or a piece of equipment as items will never reset. Simply just your seasonal rank with the conclusion of each individual season.

    Respawn Entertainment - Apex LegendsAn example of a similar seasonal system in Apex Legends
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    According to the leaks, the first five seasons are titled as follows:

    • Season 1: Broken Arrow
    • Season 2: Cyber Attack
    • Season 3: Bio Warfare
    • Season 4: Home Grown Terrorism 
    • Season 5: Climate War 

    Exactly how long each season will last remains unclear, however with the new weapon leveling system, it appears that Infinity Ward have implemented new ways to appease those looking for a real time-sink in Call of Duty.