Modern Warfare 3 Zombies: How to find the power in MWZ

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies: How to find the power in MWZActivision

MW3 Zombies features familiar gameplay elements that require players to turn on the power in past iterations. Here’s what you need to know about finding the power in MW3 Zombies.

Despite being a Sledgehammer Games title, MW3 sees Treyarch return to lend its talents to the zombies portion of the game. Titled Modern Warfare Zombies, this iteration of zombies is an evolution of last year’s DMZ mode.

In Operation Deadbolt, players drop into the new Warzone map coming in Season 1, Urzikstan, to loot equipment and exfil successfully. There’s plenty of side content to engage in, such as contracts to complete and zones with increased difficulty as you travel deeper into the map.

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While MW3’s zombies portion is heavily influenced by the DMZ, it does feature Treyarch’s legendary spin such as perks, Wonder Weapons, and “Pack-a-Punching” weapons. Previously, you needed power to engage with those systems, but that requirement works differently in MWZ.

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies: How to find the power in MWZActivision

How to activate the power in MW3 Zombies

Good news for new players and veterans alike, MW3 Zombies doesn’t task players with turning on the power.

For the unaware, previous iterations of the beloved zombies mode tasked players with finding and turning on the power. Sometimes, it was as simple as heading to a room, while other times, it was an elaborate act that required sheer will.

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Turning on the power would give access to important tools necessary for survival, such as Perk-a-Cola, the Pack-a-Punch machine, or even easter eggs. Without the power, you couldn’t use said machines to get perks or upgrade your weapons for the later stages of increased difficulty.

MW3 nixes that requirement, as there’s no round-based mode or a smaller contained setting previous entries held. To access the Pack-a-Punch machine, you only need to find it on the map. To gain Perks, you need to complete contracts, find them, or craft them.

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No power is required to survive the hordes anymore, well at least, aside from your own electricity to run the game.

That’s everything you need to know on how to find the power in MW3 Zombies. Check out the rest of our CoD coverage below for more information.

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