MW3 May 9 patch notes: Lockwood Mk2 nerfs, Ranked Play changes, more

Declan Mclaughlin
JAK Wardens Aftermarket Part in MW3 and Warzone Season 3 Reloaded.

Call of Duty has dropped another update this week, and this time, the best shotgun in Modern Warfare 3 is getting some massive nerfs and Ranked Play’s restricted list is expanding.

MW3 is still receiving tweaks past the Season 3 Reloaded update to better balance the game. One big change coming in the May 9 patch update, is a massive nerf to the Lockwood Mk2.

The shotgun has been a beast in multiplayer, especially with the new Aftermarket Park and conversion kit. However, the gun’s range and accuracy have proven too powerful and it has thus been nerfed substantially in terms of damage and hipfire spread.

Here is everything MW3’s May 9 update does, courtesy of the developer’s patch notes.

MW3 May 9 update patch notes

MW3 Season 3 artwork



  • Resolved an issue causing Arcade mode weapons and powerups to retain into other Playlists.

Weapons & Attachments

Marksman Rifles
  • Lockwood Mk2
    • JAK Wardens Conversion Kit
      • Increased standing hipfire spread minimum from 2.3deg/s to 3.3deg/s (+43%).
      • Increased standing hipfire spread maximum from 5.5deg/s to 5.8deg/s (+5%).
    • .410 Gauge Slug Shells Ammunition (JAK Wardens)
      • Added 21% standing hipfire spread minimum benefit.
      • Added 21% standing hipfire spread maximum penalty.
      • Increased bullet velocity from 168m/s to 420m/s (+150%).
      • Decreased near-medium damage from 95 to 90 (-5%).
      • Decreased near-medium damage range from 38.1m to 15.2m.
      • Added medium damage range, 74 damage to 29.2m.
      • Decreased minimum damage from 75 to 70 (-7%).
      • Increased neck and upper torso damage multipliers from 0.6x to 1.1x.
      • Increased lower torso damage multiplier from 0.6x to 1x.
      • Increased arm and hand damage multipliers from 0.6x to 0.8x.
      • Increased leg and foot damage multipliers from 0.5x to 0.8x.
    • .410 Gauge Ball Ammunition (JAK Wardens)
      • Decreased standing hipfire spread minimum benefit from 100% to 21%.
      • Decreased standing hipfire spread maximum benefit from 80% to 21%.

Ranked Play

  • Restricted the Scratch 20-L Suppressor Attachment.
  • Restricted the EMD Mine Equipment.
  • Restricted the Enhanced Vision Goggles Field Upgrade.
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