Huge Warzone 2 leak reveals four Modern Warfare 2 maps are coming as POIs

Andrew Highton
cod modern warfare 2 highrise map and logo

Details for Warzone 2 are becoming slightly more frequent, and industry insider Tom Henderson has now been able to disclose that four classic Modern Warfare 2 maps will reportedly be making their way to Warzone 2 when the game releases.

There’s been some interesting news recently on the Warzone 2 front after some leaks suggested that not only will there be big changes to loadout drops, armor, and more, but that the map itself will have more in common with Black Ops 4’s Blackout map.

These changes would be quite substantial on their own, but it doesn’t stop there. Reputable leaker Tom Henderson has now said that the Modern Warfare 2 influence will be all over Warzone 2 as “old maps will be returning to not only the core title but to the Warzone 2 map itself.”

cod mw2 terminal map
Terminal ages finer than most wines to be fair.

Modern Warfare 2 maps to feature in Warzone 2 map

Henderson is known in the industry for having a variety of video game sources and the information he dishes out is generally very accurate. In his most recent CoD story, he claims that the aforementioned MW2 maps coming to Warzone 2 ” have been added and expanded upon.”

He says that the maps will be part of POIs, that have not been decided upon yet, within the Warzone 2 map and has outed the four confirmed maps so far with information on each one.

  • Highrise: It will be found under a POI named “Modern City” that will have a very Downtown feel in Verdansk
  • Quarry: The classic map will be in a POI of the same name
  • Terminal: Warzone 2 is also borrowing a Verdansk feature as Terminal will be in a returning “Airport” POI
  • Afghan: The Afghan map will be found in “Caves” towards the middle of the map
quarry map in cod mw 2
Imagine trying to escape the gas in Quarry?

Henderson also added that this may not be the end of the Modern Warfare 2 throwbacks either: “There are also several other POI locations that could include more Modern Warfare 2 maps too, including “Mountain Town” which is located next to the Observatory in the middle of the map, which could include Favela.”

This is all very exciting news for CoD fans, MW2 fans, and of course, Warzone players.

However, we obviously need to stress that where leaks are concerned, everything shouldn’t be taken as gospel as things may not be completely accurate or could be subject to change. Stay tuned, and let’s see if the report turns out to be true.

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