Warzone 2 leaker claims major changes on the way for loadout system, inventory, armor, more

Brad Norton
Warzone gameplay

A wide range of leaked Warzone 2 details have spilled out online, pointing towards major fundamental changes for the Call of Duty Battle Royale. From inventory management to key loadout adjustments, there’s plenty to dissect.

Since the announcement of Warzone 2 back in January, Activision has remained tight-lipped on the BR sequel. From a release date to core gameplay details, little else is known beyond the simple fact that it’s in development.

Though new details now appear to be slipping through the cracks as leaks have seemingly emerged following a recent test. According to a source close to popular YouTuber ‘NerosCinema,’ fans should expect a number of significant changes with Warzone 2.

While there’s no certainty in these claims for now, other prominent industry insiders like Tom Henderson have also chimed in to verify select tidbits. But with that said, be sure to take the following with a grain of salt as we rundown the biggest details from Warzone 2’s latest wave of leaks.

Warzone Loadout Drop
Loadout Drops could be a thing of the past once Warzone 2 arrives, if leaks hold true.

Alleged Loadout changes in Warzone 2

The first major change shared with NerosCinema has to do with Warzone’s Loadout Drop system. Rather than simply cashing in at a Buy Station to secure that first custom Loadout, players may soon have to earn them through unique challenges in the sequel.

“Loadouts are still going to be part of the game,” the YouTuber claimed, “but they will be locked behind these things called Strongholds.”

Based on early descriptions, a number of these Strongholds will supposedly be scattered across the new Warzone 2 map. Players then have to enter the Stronghold and complete a certain objective, according to the leaker.

From “infiltrating a building,” to “defusing a bomb” and simply killing waves of AI, these mini-challenges seemingly lead to Loadouts, NerosCinema explained.

If this supposed change is accurate, there’s no telling if Strongholds will be the only means of acquiring loadouts in Warzone 2. Random drops around the map could still be present after all. We’ll have to wait and see to verify the authenticity of this claim.

Leaked inventory system & armor changes

Over the past few years, Warzone’s inventory system has remained relatively unchanged. Though with the arrival of Warzone 2, inventories appear to be in store for the biggest overhaul yet, if early leaks hold true.

“A bag system is going to be implemented,” NerosCinema claimed. With this system, all items and equipment will allegedly take up a certain amount of inventory space.

For instance, killstreaks, grenades, and even spare weapons can all be carried in this bag, according to the leaker. Rather than having dedicated spots for certain items as we do now, this change could provide more flexibility, allowing players to pick and choose what they carry.

Warzone armor gameplay
Armor could become more of a rarity in Warzone 2.

Seemingly as a result of this inventory pivot, armor may also function differently in the upcoming sequel. Rather than having the ability to stockpile a few plates by default, players could soon “need a satchel to even be able to equip them in the first place,” the YouTuber said.

This could mean all players drop into Warzone 2 without any armor to help them survive. Only through looting satchels will teams then be able to boost their overall health, if these details hold true.

New map detailed alongside Firing Range feature

As previous leaks have indicated, Warzone 2 appears set to mark the arrival of an entirely new Battle Royale map. While details remain scarce on the setting and scope of said map, this round of leaks claimed one specific POI is already locked in.

“One area that was specifically mentioned was Highrise from Modern Warfare 2,” the YouTuber claimed. While we’d heard the likes of Favela, Afghan, Quarry, Terminal, and Trailer Park in previous reports, Highrise can seemingly be added to that list of classic maps returning in Warzone 2.

Modern Warfare firing range
A proper Firing Range would allow for quick weapon testing in Warzone 2.

Moreover, the source also informed NerosCinema that a highly-requested Firing Range feature would launch with Warzone 2. Not the map from the Black Ops series, but rather a dedicated testing ground to check various loadouts and optimize your builds.

Doubling down on earlier leaks, this Firing Range will supposedly allow for “damage numbers on targets,” removing any guesswork for those looking to maximize their output.

Again, while this information may seem enticing for now, it’s worth taking everything here with a grain of salt. While Henderson has backed up certain details, claiming “a lot of this is true,” others aren’t quite sold.

“Sounds to me like some dude got confused with DMZ and Warzone 2,” fellow CoD leaker ‘TheGhostOfHope’ replied, suggesting these gameplay changes may be tied to the new Modern Warfare 2 mode instead.

We’ll have to wait and see how things pan out in the coming months. But rest assured, if any Warzone 2 details are made official, we’ll keep you in the loop.

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