Warzone 2 Vondel map: Release date, POI leaks & more

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Vondel is confirmed to be the next map coming to Warzone 2. Here is everything you need to know about the new environment that’s believed to be a first of its kind.

Historically, there have been two types of Warzone maps: large-scale environments that support 100-plus players and Resurgence maps that host much smaller lobbies. Warzone 2 has one of each.

The battle royale sequel launched with Al-Mazrah, a massive desert filled with POIs from classic COD titles. In Season 2, Infinity Ward introduced Ashika Island, the Resurgence map that takes place on an island in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Warzone has never hosted two full-scale maps at the same time, but that may change with the addition of Vondel.

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What is Vondel?

In April, prominent CoD leakers ‘TaskForceLeak’ revealed the next Warzone 2 environment is called Vondel, a Resurgence map set in the Netherlands. Rumors intensified on May 10 as a leak unveiled the first image of the new urban setting.

Beenox reportedly developed Vondel. The Canadian studio is working on Warzone Mobile, previously created an updated version of Rebirth Island, and served as the lead developer for the Battle of Verdansk event.

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CharlieIntel reported that Vondel will launch with Resurgence support but also adds standard battle royale mode in the future. The COD insider also expects Vondel to support DMZ at some point.

This would be the first time in Warzone history with a rotation of two standard battle royale maps.

New Call of Duty Season 4 Reloaded trailer brings new Vondel map to the game

A completely new urban map named Vondel will be added to the game in a forthcoming update to Season 4 Reloaded, the footage for which was presented at Summer Game Fest 2023. Vondel arrives to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0 on June 14, 2023.

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A new Stadium, skyscrapers, and vehicles that can fly, drive, or float were shown, giving players more options for getting around the island. The scenery of Vondel is strikingly similar to that of the Modern Warfare 2 map of Amsterdam.

In addition, players were observed participating in high-octane fighting while squaring off in a variety of metropolitan settings, one of which included an aquarium. The icing on the cake, however, was a brief glimpse at a future crossover with the hit Amazon original series The Boys.

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Although the tease just showed the show’s logo spray-painted on a building, it’s safe to assume that players will soon learn more about the exciting collaboration.

All leaked Vondel POIs

COD Leaker Alaix revealed the POIs for Vondel.

  • Aquarium
  • City Hall
  • Fire Station
  • Nieuwe Stadspoort
  • Old Museum
  • Floating House
  • University
  • New Museum
  • Police Station
  • Stadium
  • Cruise Terminal
  • Train Station

That’s everything we know about Vondel, so far. For more, check out the rest of our Warzone 2 coverage.

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