Warzone Gulag wins are being cancelled by another instant death bug

Jacob Hale

Yet another bug has arrived in Warzone that affects players who have won their Gulag — and it might be even more infuriating than the last.

For some time, a number of Warzone players found that after winning their Gulag and returning to battle, they were actually thrust into out-of-bounds areas of the map and unable to escape, giving them just a couple of seconds to find their way into the map area.

This was, essentially, impossible, and meant that players would have to accept their loss as it was happening, despite their hard-fought Gulag victories.

While developers Raven Software sought to fix that bug, though, they’ve introduced a new one that is somehow even worse.

Warzone Season 3 Gulag gameplay
The latest Warzone Gulag layout is among the smallest yet.

Winning your Gulag isn’t always easy and can be particularly stress-inducing, so it’s always a joy when you get the victory and are able to float back down to safety to get your game back on.

Now, though, rather than spawning players out of bounds, the game is just immediately killing some players after they win their Gulag.

As shown in the clip below by I_AM_THE_SEB, they don’t even get a warning noise or anything after winning their Gulag — the screen goes black as though they are about to respawn, and when it comes back, it says they’ve been eliminated from the game.

Joking that this is the “updated version of the ‘spawn out of map’ bug,” Seb’s at least seeing the funny side, but it will no doubt raise questions for the devs who now have to figure out why this is happening and fix it.

It’s unclear as of yet if something specific causes this that players can avoid, but with the Season 3 Reloaded update coming up soon, Raven will be looking to get a fix out for this when that update drops.

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