Warzone player trolled by Kong in first ever Operation Monarch match

Alec Mullins
Kong in Warzone

Operation Monarch brings the Titans Godzilla and King Kong to Caldera for an immersive and fully-interactable environment. Though this has been an exciting time in the game, it does pose some unique risks and players are finding that out the hard way. 

Warzone’s Limited-Time Modes have always tried to bring a new flavor to the classic battle royale experience.

Operation Monarch is no different, as it places players directly in the center of a Goliath vs. Goliath battle as Godzilla and King Kong duke it out for all to see.

Though might seem like a fun time, being this close to the fight poses some real risks, and Kong treated one unlucky player to the scene of a (soon to be ending) lifetime.

Warzone player trolled by King Kong in Operation Monarch

Reddit user beepbeepblooop entered into their first round of the LTM and was just coasting in the skies and taking in the unusual sights.

After a moment of scanning, the King of the jungle enters the screen and can be seen chucking a boulder across the map before turning his sights in their Operator’s direction.

That’s when Kong takes into the air with terrifying ease and absolutely wipes them out before they even get a chance to land.

Of course, the rest of the community immediately embraced the humor in the situation.

One user likened it to Will Smith’s infamous Oscars incident and joked that the OP must have crossed a line: “Kong said ‘keep my wife’s name out your mother f***ing mouth!!!'”

Another player drew a comparison to Overwatch, suggesting that Kong was just taking a lesson out of Winston’s playbook: “This reminds me of Overwatch. When I would play as Winston and would leap into the air to slap some Egyptian Rocket Lady.”

While there’s plenty of fun to be had in the new mechanics and revamped gameplay of Operation Monarch, anyone who decides to hop in should be aware that the environment fights back much harder than usual in this one.

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