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How to fix Warzone dev error 6039

Published: 30/Dec/2021 18:58

by Theo Salaun


Call of Duty: Warzone dev error 6039 (common_mp.fc) is popping up again with Pacific, particularly plaguing players on PS4. Here’s how to fix Warzone dev error 6039 on PS4, PS5, Xbox, and PC – solving the “content package not available” issues.

Warzone’s “dev error 6039 (common_mp.fc)” is a troubling one. It crashes the entire game, making it impossible to play or even mess around with loadouts while in the main menus.

While it seems that the dev error is most prevalent among PS4 players after the Pacific, Caldera update, it has existed for other systems in the past. Across all versions of the game, though, the way to solve this problem is relatively similar.


Unfortunately, while fixing dev error 6039 is fairly simple, it does take some time. Here’s the best way to get back to playing.

How to fix Warzone dev error 6039 on PS4

warzone dev error 6039 ps4
Call of Duty: Warzone dev error 6039 slaps you with this screen after crashing the game.

Since the issue is most prevalent on PS4, we’ll tackle that solution first. Some suggest first checking for updates, power cycling your console, or clearing up hard-drive space.

Still, there seems to only be one truly effective fix: deleting the game and re-installing it.

  1. Access your PS4’s “Library
  2. Select Modern Warfare 2019 and delete it
  3. Re-download MW19 from your library or search and download “Warzone” from the PS Store (if you want to avoid downloading MW multiplayer)
  4. Let the PS4 fully download the game and then get back into the action

Essentially, dev error 6039 is caused by corruption with Warzone’s files on your system. Deleting and re-installing the game thereby gives you a fresh start devoid of those built-up files. 

Warzone squad in a line
Fixing dev error 6039 should let you get back to playing with your friends.

How to fix Warzone dev error on PS5, Xbox, and PC

As far as solving the issue on other systems, it appears that the solution is the same across everything: delete the game and re-install it.


While this is a tedious, time-consuming fix, it’s also very easy. No real worries about saved data either, since your user information CoD directly through your Activision Account anyway.

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