How to fix Warzone error code 47 on PS5 & Xbox Series X|S

How to fix Warzone error code 47 on PS5 & Xbox Series X/SActivision

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to load into Warzone due to error code 47 SPAN. But luckily there is a fix for PS5 and Xbox Series X & S players. 

There have been many problems with Warzone since the Pacific update on December 8.

From audio issues to graphics not loading, it has been a nightmare for players, specifically those on consoles.

On top of these problems, error code 47 is stirring up the pot as it doesn’t let console players on the game, but there’s a fix for that.

How to fix the error code SPAN Warzone bug on console: PS5 & Xbox Series X|S

Console players have been complaining nonstop about issues with Warzone on next-gen. These have stretched beyond the realm of Caldera as issues like error code 47 are preventing them from even being able to load the game.

One of the latest problems to arise is error code 47 or SPAN, which completely crashes the game and doesn’t let you access Warzone at all.

However, there is a workaround, that isn’t the most convenient but allows you to play the Battle Royale.

Here are the steps for Play Station users:

  1. Turn off your PlayStation
  2. Launch PS in “Safe Mode” (hold the power button until you hear a distinct beeping noise)
  3. Select “Rebuild Database”
  4. Let the scan complete
Erro Code 47 WarzoneActivision
Error Code 47 or SPAN is ruining Warzone for players.

After completing these steps, the Warzone game files should be repaired and ready for launch. but if that doesn’t do the trick then try this other method.

  1. Navigate to “System Storage”
  2. Select “Saved Data” then pick Warzone
  3. Once you’ve accessed it, delete all saved data for Warzone
  4. Restart PS and launch the game

Unfortunately, if this doesn’t fix it or you are on Xbox then you will need to completely uninstall Warzone and download it again to fix this.

Even though it’s not the step that people want to hear it will allow you to drop into Warzone and play the game.

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