How to delete Warzone Gulag campers using Aydan’s shocking wallbang spot

aydan warzone gulag wallbang spotAndbox / Activision

While players roast Call of Duty: Warzone’s baby Nuketown Gulag, the game’s highest earner, Aydan, is still figuring out how to abuse it. In a shocking new play, he shows how to eliminate a spawn camper with a nasty wallbang.

The “new” Gulag is some sort of miniaturized Nuketown that still draws community complaints, even after removing the controversial car head glitch. While many ask for the developers to revert the Gulag and bring back earlier seasons’ shower version, Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad remains committed to mastering this divisive one.

The highest earner in Warzone for a reason, Aydan is regularly among the battle royale’s top players and routinely dominates tournaments. But, when he’s not in a tournament, he often chooses to experiment with new guns and mechanics. 

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Recently, Aydan has been messing around with new Gulag shots between events. And, in one experiment, he discovered a wild spot that you can effectively wallbang to kill an opponent who is camping around their spawn. Immediately puzzled, the star player could do nothing but scratch his chin in bewilderment after hitting the shot.

Facing the opposite spawn, Aydan’s Snapshot Grenade enables him to locate his enemy. Said foe is, like many disgruntled Gulag combatants, simply mulling around their spawn in the corner. Aydan then lines his shot up, crosshair pinned on a wooden, non-functional door, and takes his shot.

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To Aydan (and, according to Twitter replies, everyone’s) surprise, the shot bangs through the wooden door and kills the spawn-camping enemy. Unlike the wooden panel between the two buses, it appears that nobody knew you could wallbang through the Gulag’s wooden side structures.

Ever-insistent on trying new things, Aydan has also shared a clip proving just how thin those center panels can be.

While the second clip shows a wallbanging spot that most serious fans of the battle royale have probably been exposed to, the first is a legitimate novelty. At the moment, it remains unclear what other structures can be shot through in the Gulag, simply raising more questions.

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Still, this is good information to know. If you want to camp your spawn, maybe consider adding a crouch to the mix. And if you suspect your opponent is camping their spawn, throw a shot through a door for good measure.