Warzone players call on CoD devs to revert Gulag changes

Infinity Ward

Some Call of Duty: Warzone fans have spoken out against the latest changes to the Gulag, which introduced a new weapon pool of Assault rifles and SMGs to use for a second chance at survival.

Warzone has become incredibly popular since it was launched as a standalone free-to-play title, with this popularity resulting in plenty of memes, many based around the Gulag feature.

The Gulag faces players off in a 1v1 gunfight, after their first death, for a chance to earn their way back into the match, although some Warzone fans are unhappy with the changes that were made to the feature on May 18.

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Infinity Ward
Many Warzone players are unhappy with the new Gulag weapon changes.

Modern Warfare and Warzone received a significant update on May 18, with one of the key changes introducing a totally new weapon pool for players to use in the Gulag.

The latest change saw the removal of pistols and shotguns from the prison fight, which have now been replaced with ten new weapons, a mix of Assault Rifles and SMGs. However, Warzone players have now called for this change to be reverted.

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One Call of Duty fan, u/rockstonicjuicemagic, even claimed that the new weapons had “ruined” the Gulag, adding that it requires less effort to win now compared to before and that it was one of the “worst changes” that had been made to Warzone.

“The Gulag now has been reduced to left or right lane sniping and wild hipfire shots,” they explained, “the wins mean nothing now and the [losses] are even worse.”

They were not the only one unhappy with the Gulag changes, as another player echoed a similar sentiment, and claimed that the Gulag was too small for medium to long-range weapons such as ARs and SMGs.

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“It makes the Gulag players play way too slow and the winner 95% of the time is whoever sees the other person first,” they shared, calling for changes to be made.

They also added some suggestions on how to improve the Gulag, expressing that pistols should be the only weapons available and that equipment such as stun grenades needs to be removed to make it more enjoyable for players.

It is unclear what Infinity Ward has planned for the future of the Gulag and its weapon pool, so players will just have to adapt to the new guns if they want to improve their chances of winning.

And, there are some players in the opposite camp, who have welcomed this change. With such a popular and mainstream game, it’s nearly impossible for the developers to please everyone.