Game-breaking Warzone exploit gives Akimbo Sykov pistols 100% accuracy & no recoil

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A bizarre new Call of Duty: Warzone bug is making waves as the already-OP Akimbo Sykov pistols can apparently be made 100% accurate with zero recoil if players take advantage of an exploit.

Modern Warfare’s Sykov pistol became available following an April 15 update. Within hours, players were outraged by how overpowered the gun could be. Fortunately, Raven Software have already taken that feedback into account and promised changes to the gun in the Season 3 patch.

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That’s exciting news that most players will be happy to hear, as the Sykov can be a true menace — and that’s even without a new exploit that players have discovered can give the gun 100% accuracy and zero recoil.

When you unlock all of the attachments for the Sykov, you can equip Ghost and rock two of the pistols with the Akimbo perk and turn it into a pair of full-auto, 80-round monsters. If that already sounds dangerous, just look at how it performs with the new exploit.

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As demonstrated by Warzone streamer Stukawaki, this exploit gives your Sykov pistols an absurd degree of accuracy. Standing a decent distance away from a wall, the streamer laughs along with his chat as the Sykov pistols unleash a barrage of bullets directly on his crosshair — refusing to budge or show any variance in bullet spray.

This is already capturing the attention of fans, as well as other top players. In the replies to Stu, Tommey (one of Warzone’s highest earners and a regular feature among the monthly power rankings), responded with obvious concern: “I was just about to hop on and this is the first thing I see this morning…”

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As Stukawaki and various TikTok videos explain, the exploit is most easily pulled off in the Plunder playlist, but can also be done in regular modes. This potential is frightening, especially since the guns are already so lethal.

While we won’t explain exactly how to do the exploit, it involves some bizarre combination of techniques while parachuting onto Verdansk. It’s not exactly clear why the glitched guns are easier to manage in Plunder or exactly how long they remain in this fully accurate state.

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What is clear is that the Warzone community remains very concerned. Unless this bug gets patched out as quickly as the God Mode glitch did, it might be a long week of close-quarters terrors before the Season 3 patch drops. 

As of yet, Raven Software have not indicated awareness of this exploit on their Trello board.

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