Warzone players furious as “broken” Sykov pistol looks worse than the DMR

Warzone player running with pistols firingActivision

The Sykov pistol is finally in Warzone, however, not everyone is too happy with it and some players believe it is worse than the DMR and FFAR rifles when used with the Akimbo perk. 

Back in February, a handful of Warzone players were able to get their hands on the unreleased Sykov pistol in games of Plunder. It was evident from there that the pistol was pretty strong, but given it wasn’t released, fans figured it was still subject to balancing. 

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Well, fast forward to April and the pistol has finally been released into Modern Warfare and Warzone, and players have rushed to unlock it and start building loadouts around it. 

The pre-launch balancing that players were requesting hasn’t happened, and as a result, the akimbo version of the Sykov has become rather deadly. That’s left plenty of players miffed already and some have called for changes. 

The Sykov pistol is new to Warzone but it’s absolutely deadly.

Plenty of clips of that the Sykov ripping through enemies have already been shared on social media, but one from Redditor Eloxify caught the eye of many.

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In the quick highlight, the Warzone player uses the akimbo Sykov to rip through a squad of enemy foes in such a way that you’d be forgiven for thinking the pistols are actually SMGs. 

The Redditor admitted themselves that the weapon was “broken” but others were left fuming. “The f**king player base called this and knew it was broken back when it was leaked. How in the f**k did they not know and adjust it!!” said CavScout00.

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Other players also voiced their dislike of the weapon, pointing out that it’s currently stronger than some of the best assault rifles in Warzone.

“Has a Time-to-kill potential of 245 or something. Pretty much HALF the time it takes an FFAR to kill you,” said BrainDevelopment. Another, TheDuck33, added: “Finally a weapon worse than the DMR. So bad it makes the FFAR look like trash. Never would have imagined.”

Some players also questioned how the devs could add yet another set of “overpowered” akimbo weapons given all the headaches that the Diamatti’s gave players not too long ago. 

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It remains to be seen just how quickly the Warzone devs will get around to balancing the weapon, and even though it’s only early days, players aren’t happy at all.

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