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Fastest way to level up your Modern Warfare Battle Pass (PC, PS4, Xbox)

Published: 11/Dec/2019 21:28

by Andy Williams


Modern Warfare: Season One ushered in a fresh batch of content, including a 100+ tier Battle Pass for players to grind through. But what is the quickest way to rank-up and soak up the rewards?

Modern Warfare’s first season has welcomed the first seasonal Battle Pass system to the Call of Duty franchise.  Bringing with it over 150 new items for players to earn, the Battle Pass comes in two options. You can either reap 20 tiers worth of free content as you progress through, or you can opt to purchase Battle Pass for 1000 COD Points to bask in all of the available content. 


As per Activision’s blog post, there are three ways to interact with the Battle Pass ranking system, either through: “playing the game, earning XP, and completing challenges.” However, the fastest way of obtaining the loot associated with climbing the ranks remains shrouded. So here’s how to soar through the Battle Pass ranks fast.

Activision.How the Battle Pass system works.

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1. Challenges

Kill two birds (or in this case three) with one stone, by hitting the Battle Pass ranking system from all angles. Completing Officer challenges will net you a neat XP boost, which will boost your Officer rank and Battle Pass level simultaneously. 


There’s a select few mission challenges within the Battle Pass itself that will unlock specific content embedded into tiers (such as the ‘Chem Division’ Operator skin right at the beginning) — so be sure to prioritize these first and foremost. 

After completing any given challenge, you will be rewarded with either a calling card, emblem, blueprint or XP bonus. Meaning that not only will you soar through the tiers, but you’ll gain more loot along the way.

Activision. There’s a ruck of free content embedded within Season One’s Battle Pass.

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2. Trials

While completing Trials in Modern Warfare will not aid your progress towards any challenges, you can bag yourself up to 10,000 XP for less than one minute’s worth of gameplay.


Providing that you can put up a three-star performance, you will take out around 10% of a Battle Pass tier — by far the most time efficient way of ranking up. While completing your runs, you can attempt to obtain a world record in the process (be sure to let us know if you set a record time).

Activision.What’s your fastest time in Trials?

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3. Game mode type and frequency

Game mode choice is surprisingly important. Since you’ll be looking to yield as much XP in the shortest time possible, objective-based game modes (such as Domination, Hardpoint and Search & Destroy) will prove lucrative. 

After being re-enabled, the ‘Shoot House 24/7’ playlist is a great way to ensure that you have a high number of engagements in as little time as possible. 


Although a quick tip: if you’re completing Office/mission challenges, try to factor those in at the same time — objective/kill-based challenges would work well here. 

Activision.Shoot House revolves around close-quarters combat, which means you’ll be able to run through more enemies in less time!

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4. Skipping tiers

Of course, if you don’t want to grind for your loot, you can elect to skip tiers by purchasing tiers in one of three ways.

You can either choose to purchase the Battle Pass with a 20-tier skip right off the bat, although this will cost you 2400 COD Points. Second, you can acquire certain cosmetic bundles from the store which have a one/two tier pass tied into them. Or finally, you can buy individual tier skips at 150 COD Points a pop. But where’s the fun in that?


Activision.The paid version of the Battle Pass will bag you a heap of Epic-grade content.

While the above is a guide to help you fast-track your way through the Season One Battle Pass, some players have developed more innovative ways of cheating the system. 

Although, it goes without saying that this will heavily affect your in-game stats, and is not very time efficient. Not only that, but you’ll affect others’ multiplayer experience.