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Trials world records in Modern Warfare: Gun Course

Published: 18/Nov/2019 14:33 Updated: 19/Nov/2019 16:13

by Andy Williams


Infinity Ward have released a new mode called ‘Trials’ in Modern Warfare, where players are tasked with completing a course in the fastest possible time. Here’s a list of the current world records on PC or PS4/Xbox.

What is Trials?

Trials is a dedicated game mode in which players are tasked with completing a variety of training exercises in the fastest time possible

Trails only becomes available after completing the Enlisted Ranks (Level 55 threshold), to ensure that players are primed and ready to take on whatever the course throws their way.

Gun Course is the first training course to make an appearance in Modern Warfare. Players are assigned with “clearing all enemy targets and avoiding civilian casualties” — reminiscent of the fan-favorite ‘F.N.G’ training mission from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. 


Activision.Players would attempt to set world records after receiving Captain Price’s briefing.

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How does Trials work?

Senior Communications Manager, Ashton Williams, revealed exactly how Trials would play-out in Modern Warfare. “Once you’re in Officer Ranks, you’ll earn tickets (that) you can use to compete in Trials,” he explained. “Already in Officer Ranks? You’ll get access to tickets you’ve already earned.”

After reaching Level 55, players can earn tickets as they progress through their ranks — one ticket grants three attempts at the course. Each attempt is rated from 0 – 3 stars, with each rating providing a different XP bonus. 

Players with the fastest completion times will be rewarded with the largest XP bonus. The bonuses range from 10,000 XP for a sub-40-second finish, to 5,000XP for a sub-90-second run. Anything above 90 seconds will be classed as a 0-star rated performance, yielding no XP bonus.


Trials are set to rotate, so Gun Course might not be on the cards for much longer. Players that have already maxed out their rank and used their tickets will have to wait until their Officer Rank resets in the next in-game season to earn more tickets. 

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Trials world records

Obtaining a world record of any kind in Call of Duty places you within a small percentile of millions of players that are able to do so. Whether you’re chasing a leaderboard position or attempting a new record, it is no easy feat to achieve top honors among a playbase of millions.


Gun Course

Gun Course offers a selection of close-quarters battle (CQB) weapons to complete the course. Players have used a range of tactics so far, with the current PC record using an SMG (which boasts a larger magazine capacity). 

By contrast, the console world record holder used a pistol to make their way around the course in the fastest possible time. 

The current PC world record stands at 25.6 seconds, while the quickest time on console (PS4) has been reported at 31.5 seconds

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Gun Course PC world record: u/yungnutlord (25.6s)

Gun Course Trial World Record??? (I’m not 100% sure if its world record but I can’t find a lot anywhere) from modernwarfare

Gun Course console world record: u/xTomGx (31.5s)

Gun Course Trial World Record??? (I’m not 100% sure if its world record but I can’t find a lot anywhere) from modernwarfare

As more players reach the Officer Ranks, there will be a larger group attempting to break the above records. Of course, players will be looking to achieve that elusive 3-star rating, in a bid to be rewarded with the largest possible XP bonus.


Although we know that Trials are set to rotate, just how long Gun Course will remain available for is yet to be established. Considering that ticket opportunities will reset when Officer Ranks reset (i.e., each in-game season), it would make sense that each course will rotate on a seasonal basis.

Reckon you’ve got what it takes? Make your record known (with proof) and perhaps your name will be the next up there!