Fan-favorite Black Ops maps apparently returning in Cold War Season 3

Standoff Vertigo Black Ops Cold War logoTreyarch

New rumors in the Call of Duty community point towards a couple of new maps in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 3, thought to be Echelon and Standoff. 

Black Ops Cold War has continued recent Call of Duty trends and added some fan-favorite maps into the multiplayer rotation. Among others, we’ve seen Raid and Express dropped into multiplayer and competitive map rotations. We can expect more to come, though.

Back in January, BOCW leaks claimed there another 8 or so remakes planned after Express was added.

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Now, with Season 3 on the horizon, we have been given some unconfirmed names of the maps returning, and one appears to be another remake of a Black Ops 2 classic.

Express Black Ops 2 mapTreyarch
The iconic Express map from Black Ops 2 is in Black Ops Cold War!

Standoff in Black Ops Cold War Season 3

The leaks come by way of TheGhostofMW on Twitter who has, in the past, leaked Calling Cards and other in-game items correctly.

“This is not from my usual source,” they caveated, “so don’t take this with 100% certainty, but I’ve been told “Echelon and Standoff” for S3 maps. Again, this is not from my main squeeze.”

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It sounds like the leak has come from a slightly different source than usual, so fans should certainly take it with a pinch of salt. Until the maps are officially confirmed by Treyarch or Activision, they remain subject to change.

Standoff, though, would fit with past leaks pointing to fan-favorite remakes. It featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, and is widely considered one of the best CoD maps of all time.

Echelon, on the other hand, sounds like it will be a completely new map, similar to Apocalypse that was added in Season 2. Apparently set on a building site, Echelon has been in the game’s files since Season 1 and is thought to be similar to BO2’s Vertigo.

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If they do come with the launch of Season 3, we can expect them both around April 21. That’s a big if, though.