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When is Warzone Season 3? Season 2 end date, new map rumors, more

Published: 1/Mar/2021 6:48

by Brad Norton


With Season 2 of Warzone and Black Ops Cold War now in progress, we’re fast approaching Season 3. From the release date, to rumors of a new battle royale map, and plenty more, here’s everything you need to know about the next major update.

Each new Season in Call of Duty comes a ton of fresh content. From new maps, modes, Operators, weapons, and everything in between, new Seasons always mark the biggest content drops of the year.

With Season 2, Warzone’s ongoing storyline continued to unfold. With new POIs now active across the map, likely building towards a nuclear event, expectations are higher than ever for Season 3.


From when we can drop into new content, to what we can expect, here’s a full rundown of what we know ahead of Warzone Season 3.

When does Warzone Season 2 end?

Black Ops Cold War Season 2 Battle Pass
Thanks to the Season 2 Battle Pass, we now know when to expect Warzone Season 3.

No different from previous seasons, the latest Warzone update gives us a clear picture of when to expect Season 3. According to the Battle Pass countdown, Season 2 runs for a total of 55 days.

Therefore, Wednesday, April 21 is the date currently locked in for the end of Season 2. While this date seems solid for the time being, there’s always a chance a mid-season delay could change things. We’ll be sure to keep you updated if the current season is extended.


Warzone Season 3 release date

Working off the current end date for Season 2, we can safely assume Season 3 kicks off immediately after. This means Wednesday, April 21 is the current date for Warzone’s next major update.

It’s worth noting that the developers are yet to publicly confirm this date. However, previous seasons have always backed on to each other, so it’s a safe bet.

New Warzone map rumors

Warzone map
Verdansk as we know it could be a thing of the past as Warzone Season 3 rolls around.

As we pass Warzone’s first anniversary, rumors of a new map are only continuing to heat up. With Zombies now on Verdansk and bunkers opening across key locations, everything appears to be lining up for a nuclear event.


The latest leaks have indicated that a new map is indeed on the way. Following the supposed nuclear event to close out Season 2, we could be forced to an entirely new location.

With Verdansk soon to be in the rearview mirror, according to the leaks, the next map will have a 1980’s theme and feature a number of iconic Black Ops POIs.

We’ll just have to wait and see how Season 2 unfolds. Though it’s clear we’re heading straight towards a catastrophic finale ahead of Season 3.

Weapons & Blueprints

Warzone gameplay
There’s no telling just yet what new weapons might be coming in Warzone Season 3.

As with every new seasonal update, expect to see a few new weapons and Blueprints in Warzone Season 3. No particular weapon types have been teased just yet, so the field is wide open for any new additions.


Moreover, there’s no telling just how many weapons will be added either. Typically, new seasons drop with one or two at the beginning while a few extras release throughout. 

In terms of Blueprints, expect to see a good variety of new Blueprints when Warzone Season 3 arrives.