Dr Disrespect snaps and punches setup as Warzone aim assist rage hits new levels

Isaac McIntyre

Dr Disrespect’s fury over Warzone aim assist has hit a whole new level, with the iconic streamer smashing his expensive setup ⁠and dubbing the auto-lock feature “wallhacking” in an explosive rant during his latest $25k event entry.

The two-time was duoing with TimTheTatman in ‘The Last Dance in Verdansk’ ⁠— which they finished dead last in ⁠— when he fell prey to Warzone’s aim assist again.

Dr Disrespect thought he had a good flank on enemies Tommey and Almond, and was goading them to peak so he could land one of his signature headshots. Things didn’t quite go to plan for the Doc, however, and Tommey was able to laser down the YouTuber in seconds after “the aim assist just locked on.”

The kill-cam did nothing to stem Doc’s rage; he stood up, arms in the air, and lashed out at his gaming chair. The punch, delivered with a venomous “f*ck!” at the same time, rocked his whole streaming setup.

“I’m so sick and tired, man!” the Warzone star exploded as he sat back down. “I’m just f**king sick and tired of this cheesy ass aim assist, all this crossplay!”

Dr Disrespect yells into his YouTube camera on-stream.
Dr Disrespect hit his boiling point with Warzone aim assist during a $25k event.

The two-time didn’t let up after TimTheTatman and he moved on into the next lobby, with his outrage soon turning on his YouTube viewers: “If I want to hear your advice, I’ll ask. It’s the worst thing you can do!”

Timmy copped some flack too, with the Doc claiming he “choked.”

Luckily for his streaming setup ⁠— which he claims is worth “$300k”, but Dexerto understands is valued at closer to $10k ⁠— the YouTuber didn’t physically lash out again, and instead just continued to heap his anger onto the Call of Duty feature he believes is “slowly killing” the franchise’s battle royale.

“It’s disgusting the advantage controller players have, and really,” Dr Disrespect continued, “it feels like they’ve got seventh-grade training wheels on.”

Dr Disrespect’s very public hatred of aim assist features in battle royale titles like Apex Legends and Warzone has been bubbling to the surface more and more in recent weeks, and let’s just say the Doc isn’t a fan.

Last week, he even point-blank called it “a version of hacks.”

The two-time is of the opinion that anyone playing on controller (and therefore using aim assist) could play Warzone “with your eyes closed” and still play well enough to score wins in Verdansk “because it’s just that easy”. It’s his belief Raven Software needs to remove the feature entirely.

“At this point, you might as well just call it hacks,” he said. “It’s like a version of hacks. Except they’re not headshots, but all the bullets go onto your body.”

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