Dr Disrespect loses it with his own game after DEADROP blunder

Connor Bennett
Dr Disrespect in front of Deadrop background.

Dr Disrespect lost his mind at his own game, DEADROP, after he suffered an embarrassing blunder while showing off a new snapshot of the game. 

When it comes to criticizing video games, Dr Disrespect is right up there as one of the most vocal and brutal critics in the gaming and streaming community. So, when the former Call of Duty developer made it clear that he was working on his own game, it sparked plenty of excitement from fans. 

The Doc revealed that he’s been working on a game called DEADROP – a vertical extraction simulator – and has since shown off a few playable snapshots.

Naturally, he’s shown them off on his stream and if you thought he wasn’t going to criticize his own work, well, you’ve lost that bet. 

Dr Disrespect left furious at his own game after mistake

During his October 23 stream, The Two-Time have fans another glimpse at the game, which included an even more detailed building to fight in and ziplines as a way of getting around.

It was those ziplines that proved to be problematic for The Doc as, at one point, he tried to grapple onto one. This came after he’d initially interacted with and jumped off as another player shot his way. 

“Grab it! Grab it” he yelled as his character fell to the ground and was hit with a “self termination” message. “Grab the f*cking zipline!”

Timestamp of 1:29:22

The streaming star didn’t vent any further frustrations on it in the immediate aftermath, but had a pretty annoyed look on his face. Well, that was until he respawned and took down an unsuspecting enemy. 

He’ll be showing more of DEADROP off in future streams too. So, hopefully, they go better than this one.