Dr Disrespect claims Warzone on controller is “so easy you can close your eyes”

Dr Disrespect claims Warzone on controller is so you easy you can close your eyesYouTube, DrDisrespect

The ongoing debate between playing with mouse and keyboard versus a controller in Warzone has been reignited. And Dr Disrespect has passionately taken his stance, saying that using a controller is so easy you can play with your eyes closed.

Warzone has been one of the top battle royales for quite some time. Since the game can run smoother on PC, it brought a lot of console streamers to switch over to PC but still play on a controller.

While some people think using a mouse and keyboard is easier, others argue that having aim assist makes the game effortless.

The debate is heating up and Dr Disrespect is out to prove why playing on a controller isn’t that impressive.

Dr Disrespect says Warzone on controller is easy

After roasting controller players in a Tweet, the two-time decided it was time to take matters into his own hands. In his latest video, Doc and TimTheTatman dropped into Verdansk with controllers, wielding the power of aim assist and testing the input’s strength out themselves.

The Two-Time  starts off excited to be using a controller again: “Warzone is so easy on a controller man, holy s**t you could close your eyes.” And, very early on, he’s surprised to see Tim melt a player from far away.

While Tim still needed to aim at the player, Dr Disrespect laughs it off and said, “Look how easy it is, Timmy.” In another engagement, Doc destroys a player up close and thanks aim assist for it.

He said, “Even if I wanted to not aim at that guy there’s no way I’m breaking the magnetism, especially close-range.”

Warzone Dr Disrespect controller aim assistYouTube, DrDisrespect
Dr Disrespects claims it is really easy to play Warzone while using a controller.

By focusing on said magnetism, the Two-Time is claiming that aim-assist is so strong, no matter where he tried to aim it would still pull him back to the enemy. 

While this will be an endless debate, Doc stands by his point from earlier in the month and, even after trying it himself, thinks that aim assist is absolutely broken in Warzone.