Dr Disrespect makes MW2 teammate explode by raising his mic volume way up

Michael Gwilliam
dr disrespect yells at modern warfare 2 teammate

Dr Disrespect hilariously trolled his Modern Warfare 2 teammate to the breaking point with antics that had the rest of the lobby in stitches.

Legendary streamer Dr Disrespect isn’t one to shy away from trolling every now and again. Although the two-time has one of the most lethal gameplay styles in the history of gaming, he balances this seriousness with comedic banter.

During a recent broadcast, Doc was playing Modern Warfare 2 and noticed that one of his teammates, named Sergeant had a brutal echo that was ripe for taking advantage of.

After jokingly yelling ‘Sergeant’ a few times to get the player’s attention with the two-time’s words repeating back to him, the YouTuber raised the volume on his own microphone and that’s where the fun really began.

Dr Disrespect trolls MW2 teammate with deafening comms

With the volume turned all the way up just to the point where the player wouldn’t mute the two-time, Dr Disrespect ran into the fight, guns and voice blazing.

“Here we go! Boom boom boom!” he cried with his words echoing back. “Where are you, Sergeant?”

Brutally, Doc was making so much noise that his teammate couldn’t concentrate and let the banned Twitch streamer know.

“I can’t focus with you f**king yelling so goddamn much!” he exclaimed. “I’m nowhere near your ass!”

“Then wake up! Get your head in the game, Sergeant!” Doc shot back, only for the infuriated player to retaliate, telling the streamer to get off the mic for talking down to him.

In the end, the lobby was “in tears” with Doc’s trolling, and wondered if Sergeant was playing on a huge TV to get that kind of echo.

Footage of the broadcast spread through social media with fellow streamers and even the CDL’s Minnesota RØKKR absolutely loving it. As for Sergeant, it’s not clear if he got his microphone issue figured out or if he’s still playing with that obnoxious echo.