Dr Disrespect breaks character after major tech issues derail stream

Eleni Thomas
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Dr Disrespect completely lost his patience in a recent live after he was hit with a litany of PC issues that stopped him from being able to play a single game on stream, stating that it might be “time for an upgrade” following the mess.

Dr Disrespect is one of the most-watched streamers online. The Doc became a well-known character and figure in the space through his Call of Duty content, game development company, and more.

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However, the Doc is prone to the occasional outburst on his stream. In a video titled,
“IT HAPPENED AGAIN,” Doc spent 11 minutes showcasing his major technical difficulties. A few profanities and curse words were thrown into the mix while he was trying to simply play through a game.

After trying to launch PUBG, Doc was hit with a blue screen and a no-signal sign before screaming out “f*ck” and cutting off the video for a brief moment.

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“I booted up my monitor and it took a dump,” Doc began. “This f*cking computer has been blue-screening all morning long. It might be time for an upgrade.”

The streamer then added, “I thought a $150,000 PC would be enough. I guess I’ve got to spend more.”

After spending almost 10 minutes on stream fixing his PC, the Doc was finally able to launch PUBG. Telling his fans, “you’ve got to have a little bit of patience when working with the two-time.” 

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However, after a quick minute of gameplay, the computer then once again bugs out and the no signal screen appears.

Dr Disrespect’s patience really begins to waver here, stating he “is gonna break something” after rebooting his PC time and time again. 

“I’ve been real patient all day today, have you noticed? I’ve been patient. My setup at the moment is absolute trash. I don’t know what else to say.”

After it crashes once again, the Doc decides to call it and ends the live. Not before turning to the camera, smiling and stating, “God I love being a streamer.”

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