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Dr Disrespect rages after aim assist ruins Warzone match: “It’s a version of hacks”

Published: 18/Oct/2021 23:40

by Michael Gwilliam


Dr Disrespect can often be found complaining about aim assist in competitive shooters, but the two-time went absolutely off the deep end after losing in Warzone, prompting him to compare the mechanic to hacking.

Aim-assist has been one of the most controversial gameplay additions in the history of competitive shooters. While using a mouse and keyboard allow for precision aim, analog sticks don’t provide the same accuracy, causing developers to add in a handicap of sorts.

In theory, aim assist is a good idea, especially when all players are on console and get the same treatment, but the same can’t be said for crossplay, where controller players can get an advantage.


For Dr Disrespect, this debate has gone on for long enough and went as far as to claim that aim assist is a version of cheating.

Dr Disrespect playing Warzone
Dr Disrespect’s Warzone run was cut short thanks to aim assist.

Dr Disrespect loses it after dying to Warzone aim assist

During an October broadcast, Doc was bringing his signature violence, speed and momentum to Warzone when he found himself in a firefight with an enemy player.

After chasing his nemesis behind a wall and opening fire, seemingly with the positional advantage, strafing in the process, the adversary was able to down the two-time and win out the duel.

“And he still wins that?!” the confused streamer exclaimed before watching the killcam. “I’m baffled how he wins this. Let me see his f**king uh…”


Before he could even finish, Doc saw the player was using aim assist and exited the game in a heartbeat.

“Aim assist wins again!” he cried. “Crossplay! The future!”

Dr Disrespect compares aim assist to cheating

Once the dust settled and Doc had a moment to cool down, he addressed his defeat, but not without making quite a statement about aim assist in Call of Duty and other games.

“At this point you might as well just call it hacks,” he said. “It’s like a version of hacks. Except they’re not all headshots, but all the bullets do go onto your body.”

While Doc’s comments are sure to rile up those in support of the aim assist mechanic, it’s unlikely that the debate over one of gaming most’s divisive features will end anytime soon as the crossplay struggles continue.