Rivs2 & Destroy win $150K The Last Dance in Verdansk Warzone event: Final results


BoomTV’s ‘The Last Dance In Verdansk’ tournament is now in the books as Duos dropped into the $150K sendoff for Verdansk. While it was rivs2 & Destroy who claimed the top spot in the Main Event, there was plenty of drama and excitement along the way. Here’s a complete recap of how the major tournament played out.

  • rivs2 & Destroy win the $75K Main Event.
  • Swagg & Booya close out Qual #1 in first place.
  • Underdogs Ahzvm & SlideHD secure top spot in Qual #2.
  • Kenzrosey & aHTracT12 cruise to the win in Qual #3

With Warzone Pacific looming, Verdansk is closing up shop in just a matter of days. So before we say goodbye to the original map, BoomTV hosted one of the biggest events of the year, the $150K Last Dance in Verdansk.

Played out across four separate dates, the tournament saw Warzone’s sweatiest and most popular Duos going at it. From how the qualifiers unfolded to all the drama of the Main Event, we’ve got you covered with a full rundown on the tournament.

The Last Dance in Verdansk Warzone Main Event

The Last Dance in Verdansk Main Event Placements (Top 10)

Placement Duo Kills Points
1st rivs2 & Destroy 46 72
2nd UnRationaL & ScummN 38 67
3rd Aydan & Rated 38 63
4th Intechs & zColors 32 52
5th DiazBiffle & SuperEvan 32 52
6th OtterEyes & Mayappo 35 51
7th zSmit & BasedGodXenoN 33 50
8th HusKerrs & Newbz 30 43
9th Swagg & Booya 27 41
10th Skullface49 & HisokaT42 23 32

The Last Dance in Verdansk Main Event Results & Recap

With $75K on the line in one of the final tournaments set in Verdansk, players dropped in with their sights set on gold. After three grueling rounds of qualifiers, everyone was pushing for the top spot in the Main Event.

While action started off without a hitch, as the first six matches flew by, the Main Event quickly hit a massive bump in the road. Qualifier #2 winners Ahzvm & SlideHD_ were thrown into the spotlight as various competitors grew suspicious of their actions on the final day of competition.

The entire event was derailed as admins investigated claims of hacking. Ahzvm cooperated every step of the way in attempt to prove his innocence. After 30 minutes of heated debate, no concrete evidence could be backed up so the admins made a final call.

Ahzvm was cleared to play for the remainder of the event and the last two maps got back underway shortly after.

Before long, the ultimate winners were crowned as Rivs2 & Destroy took home the lion’s share of the prize.

The Last Dance in Verdansk Main Event teams

From Duos that advanced through the qualifiers to special Main Event players that received their own invites, the final leg of the competition was stacked across the board.

Below is the full list of players that dropped into the $75K Main Event.

Below is a list of all the duos that have qualified or been invited to the Main Event.

Main Event Teams
Tommey & Almond Swagg & Booya HusKerrs & Newbz Intechs & zColors Aydan & Rated
Ahzvm & SlideHD_ DiazBiffle & SuperEvan zSmit & BasedGodXenoN OPMarked & ShadedStep UnRationaL & ScummN
Kenzrosey & aHTracT12 OtterEyes & Mayappo ZJelly & Foreignjase Skullface49 & HisokaT42 rivs2 & Destroy
TimTheTatMan & TeeP Lucky Chamu & Repullze JoeWo & bbreadman iSmixie & Flxnked DrDisrespect & ZLaner

The Last Dance in Verdansk Qualifier 3

The Last Dance in Verdansk Qualifier 3 Placements (Top 10)

Placement Duo Kills Points
1st Kenzrosey & aHTracT12 48 74
2nd OtterEyes & Mayappo 49 71
3rd ZJelly & Foreignjase 46 68
4th Skullface49 & HisokaT42 39 57
5th rivs2 & Destroy 37 56
6th JoeWo & Bbreadman 33 54
7th Nickool & picnickbasket 39 53
8th Fuklovey & Bloo 33 52
9th iSmixie & rias_SZN 35 51
10th Nobu Spartan &BlingCjay 31 50

The Last Dance in Verdansk Qualifier 3 Results & Recap

Qualifiers 3 was the final chance for Warzone’s top talent to secure a spot in The Last Dance. Just five more positions were up for grabs in this round, along with the usual $25,000, so once again, every single player came out swigning.

Carrying their momentum over from a huge $75,000 Twitch Rivals win just 24 hours prior,  ItsEyeQew & Arrayyz managed to win the first map.

This time around, however, they couldn’t maintain their lead all the way through the event.

Other Duos like Mayappo & OtterEyes along with JoeWo & Bbreadman pushed ahead as the lobbies went by. Though ultimately, it was a huge effort from KenzRosey & aHTracT12 that secured the top spot overall.

The Last Dance in Verdansk Qualifier 2

The Last Dance in Verdansk Qualifier 2 Placements (Top 10)

Placement Duo Kills Points
1st Ahzvm & SlideHD_ 51 86
2nd DiazBiffle & SuperEvan 55 85
3rd zSmit & BasedGodXenoN 39 62
4th OPMarked & ShadedStep 35 57
5th UnRationaL & ScummN 37 55
6th Frozone & aHTracT12 35 52
7th MirreyTv & GoatClamp 35 51
8th rivs2 & Stukawaki 37 49
9th lolKyleV & Envailed 34 46
10th Braalik & exzachtt 31 42

The Last Dance in Verdansk Qualifier 2 Results & Recap

With remaining spots in the Main Event quickly dwindling, teams continued to push the pace in the second qualifier. Stacked Duos like DiazBiffle & SuperEvan along with OPMarked & ShadedStep fired first as they took early leads from game one onwards.

Despite their experience in Verdansk and their huge followings, they weren’t the only players putting up insane numbers. Relative up and comers Ahvzm & SlideHD put their names in title contention with a huge 10-kill win in game four.

It was a close race among the top teams as Day 2 drew to a close, though ultimately, none could catch up this underdog Duo on fire. They cruised to the top of the standings and pulled away with a shocking one-point upset over DiazBiffle & SuperEvan to take not only the crown, but a coveted spot in the Main Event.

The Last Dance in Verdansk Qualifier 1

The Last Dance in Verdansk Qualifier 1 Placements (Top 10)

Placement Duo Kills Points
1st Tommey & Almond 70 111
2nd Swagg & Booya 59 94
3rd HusKerrs & Newbz 60 91
4th Intechs & zColors 49 76
5th Aydan & Rated 50 73
6th Skullface49 & HisokaT42 42 73
7th Knight & Ebatez 43 62
8th Bloo & fukluvey 38 58
9th NobuSpartan & BlingCjay 40 51
10th Flxnked & Stukawaki 35 49

The Last Dance in Verdansk Qualifier 1 Results & Recap

As one of the biggest events in Warzone history, each and every custom game is sure to be a banger. Duos are hungry for those Main Event spots, so it came as no surprise when action got off to a hot start on day one.

With the likes of Swagg, Aydan, Tommey, Dr Disrespect, and HusKerrs all dropping in, to name a few, the first qualifying round was absolutely stacked with elite Warzone talent.

After warming up in the first two maps, it was Swagg and his FaZe Clan Duo Booya that caught fire in map three.

Not only did Swagg and Booya collect the all-important custom lobby win, but they did so with 21 kills to their name. This launched them well into first place, with everyone else stuck trying to catch up for the remainder of the event.

Tommey and Almond just so happened to be up for the challenge. Two ridiculous maps in the final moments of day one had the Duo cruising through the rankings, all the way to the top spot. Not only did they finish first, but they pushed a whopping 17 points ahead of Team Swagg in second place.

The Last Dance in Verdansk Tournament Stream & Schedule

The Last Dance in Verdansk Format & Schedule

120 Duos all lined up to compete across three separate qualifying rounds, 40 in each. This included 35 pre-invited captains and five community teams, all of whom were picked from the NA region.

The top five duos in each round earned a cut of the $25,000 prize and secured their spot in the Main Event which boasted a further $75,000 cash prize.

The Last Dance in Verdansk Warzone invitational kick off dates are on 10-20, 10-21, 10-27, and 11-02.Twitter.com/BoomTV
The four-day event brought the very best of the Warzone community together to determine the true ruler of Verdansk.

The final round of action came to a close on November 2, marking the end of one of the biggest events in Verdansk’s brief history.