Dr Disrespect & TimTheTatMan slam Warzone Secrets of Pacific event

TimTheTatMan and Dr Disrespect looking unhappy

After spending several hours completing the Warzone Secrets of the Pacific event challenges, Dr Disrespect and TimTheTatMan felt majorly disappointed that their efforts were all for six postcards.

To help bring players closer to the final chapter in Call of Duty: Warzone, Raven Software released the ‘Secrets of the Pacific‘ event on November 25. It tasked players with completing several tasks in and around Verdansk such as going to mysterious locations and finding items.

Whilst the event finally let players into the mines after all this time, there just wasn’t really much else new, innovative, or exciting for Doc and Timmy to do. Not only that, but once they had finished up the final challenge, they were dismayed that their efforts has simply gotten them a few black and white postcards.

plane flying across caldera in warzoneActivision
Caldera is shaping up to be a different beast than Verdansk.

After they both spent a few seconds intently viewing the labors of their efforts, Tim eventually said: “I did this whole thing for postcards Doc?” to which Doc sarcastically replied: “Six of them, Timmy.”

The frustration in the air was evident, and Tim vented some of his feelings: “This isn’t the Nintendo 64, we’re not at a point in game development in the year 2021, where we can do six things, five hours later, and it’s [just] pictures. It’s black and grey pictures.” Doc then interjects and adds that the pictures are “not even full-screen” either.

Tim and Doc then discuss the ways in which the promotion could’ve rewarded players such as giving them a sneak peek at Caldera. Perhaps even dropping players into the new Warzone map for a few seconds before cutting back to Verdansk.

Dr Disrespect then elaborated further on his feelings towards the reward: “I mean here’s the thing, if it’s a small indie game and they’ve got early success and this is kind of the next big event for them I’d be like ok cool. But we’re talking about them making $4 billion per quarter.”

Despite the underwhelming Secrets of the pacific event rewards, both content creators are excited for Warzone Pacific’s new Caldera map. Doc was getting “PUBG vibes” from Caldera, which he’s known to enjoy, and Tim said: “I like the direction the map is going. The vibrant, bright, jungle sort of a theme, I’m in.”

Warzone Pacific is set to launch on December 9 with Vanguard players getting access a day earlier on December 8.