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All Secrets of the Pacific Warzone event locations

Published: 25/Nov/2021 15:19 Updated: 25/Nov/2021 15:25

by Jacob Hale


The Secrets of the Pacific Warzone event is underway, with challenges to complete and rewards to earn before Verdansk leaves the battle royale game forever. Here’s where you can locate the pieces of Intel needed to complete the event challenges.

The Secrets of the Pacific event in Warzone aims to help prepare players for the new Caldera map, due to arrive on December 8 after a delay, by uncovering small snippets of information.

Though the launch of the event hasn’t been perfect — it was actually temporarily disabled on account of it causing game crashes on a wide scale — it’s still going to offer a fun way for players to do something a bit different in Verdansk before saying goodbye to it.


Here’s how you can complete the Secrets of the Pacific challenges and what you’ll earn.

How to complete Secrets of the Pacific Warzone challenges

warzone secrets of the pacific page
Earn rewards by completing the Secrets of the Pacific challenges.

The Secrets of the Pacific event requires players to gather six different pieces of Intel from across Verdansk, then hold on to them for a certain amount of time.

These are unique to each piece of Intel collected and explained in more detail below. It’s worth noting, however, that you can only hold one piece of Intel at a time, so you shouldn’t expect to complete more than one of these per game.

Secrets of the Pacific Intel locations

Warzone Secrets of the Pacific event Intel locations
Secrets of the Pacific Intel locations.

Intel can be found at the following locations in Verdansk, and you can use this map from CharlieINTEL to decide the best one to take on, depending on where your circle is on the map.


All screenshots are courtesy of kaplangiran on Reddit.

1. Jailbreak Intel location: Prison

You’ll find the first piece of Intel by heading to the showers on the ground floor of Prison.

Warzone prison showers
Head to the Prison showers for this Intel.

Once you’re there, look for a table tennis paddle on a bench by a set of lockers. Interact with the paddle and you’ll earn the Marina Street Calling Card for surviving with this piece of Intel.

2. On The Air Intel location: Promenade West

The second piece of Intel can be found at the Electronics Shop between Promenade West and Train Station.

Warzone electronic store at promenade west and train station
The electronic store is home to the second piece of Intel.

Head inside the store and look for a microphone leaning against the northwest wall. Once you’ve collected the Intel and held onto it for the required time, you’ll earn the Local Radio Emblem.


3. Fast Food Intel location: Airport

To find the third piece of Intel, you’ll want to land at Airport and immediately make a beeline for the Burger Town restaurant.

Warzone cash machine airport
Find more Intel at Airport’s restaurant.

In the raised seating area on the west side of the building, there should be a cash machine to the left of the counter. Collect and hold on to the Intel to ​​unlock the Volcanic Souvenir Charm.

4. On Your Feet Intel location: Hospital

To earn this piece of Intel, you’ll want to head to the building next to the main Hospital highrise, where the Helipad is.

Warzone hospital bed intel
Find this hospital bed on the ground floor of Hospital.

Enter through the ground floor and find the operating room with a blue first aid kit atop an operating bed. Hold on to this Intel to earn the Naval Plan sticker.


5. Abandoned Intel location: Mines (North-West)

You’ll need to head into the mines on the northwestern side of the map to unlock the fifth piece of Intel.

Warzone mines intel
Head down into the mines in Warzone for this piece of Intel.

Head to the westernmost building of the tin area pictured above and use the zipline to head down into the mines. Interact with the dynamite button to earn the Familiar Machinery Spray.

6. Secrets Intel location: Bunkers

The sixth and final piece of Intel can reportedly be found in any of the World War II bunkers that arrived in Warzone at the start of Season 6.

Warzone WW2 bunker Intel
The three WW2 bunkers in Season 6 are the final place to find Intel.

Use the zipline at the red shipping containers at either Boneyard, Airport, or Array, then search for model battleships on a desk. Gather that Intel to earn the Hospital Resort Calling Card and complete the set.


Once you’ve collected all of these pieces of Intel, you’ll have completed the challenge, earned a lot of XP, and, more importantly, unlocked the Secrets of the Pacific reward blueprint.

Secrets of the Pacific rewards

As well as unlocking snippets of info regarding the new Caldera map arriving with the Vanguard integration, payers will be rewarded with the Bomber Menace STG44 Blueprint, ready to take on your opponents from Day One of Warzone Pacific.

Be sure to drop into Verdansk and collect your rewards before the event ends on December 8.