JGOD explores possible new Warzone Pacific map with free cam glitch

Jaret Kappelman
JGOD explores possible new Warzone Pacific map with free cam glitch

In preparation for Season 1 of Vanguard, JGOD was able to use a free cam glitch to explore what could possibly be the new Warzone Pacific map.

With Warzone Pacific’s Caldera on the horizon, the community has been itching for a chance the drop into the map and explore the island.

Unfortunately, that will be later than expected as Activision announced that Season 1 and Vanguard integration has been delayed until December 9.

However, Warzone guru JGOD may have discovered what part of the map looks like due to a spectator camera glitch.

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JGOD flys around Shipment’s island which could be the new Warzone Pacific Map.

JGOD may have found new Warzone Pacific map 

As one of Warzone’s advocates, JGOD is always trying to get help out the community in any way possible.

In a video he tweeted on November 20, he was able to use a free cam on Shipment to get out of the map and explore the Hawaiian island that the map is located. This has everyone wondering if it’s Caldera, the new Warzone Pacific map.

While flying around Shipment’s island, you can see that a lot of the mountains look like one’s teased in pictures from Caldera. Also, we notice a building close by that looks like Resort, which is a rumored POI of the new map.

He also comes across a bunch of ships that could be the confirmed POI Naval Shipyard Ore. Other parts were poorly rendered so it is hard to tell if this really is Caldera.

Even though JGOD posted this clip, himself alongside Drift0r aren’t sold on this being true as they feel the layout isn’t matching up.

This could be because there is deep water that players would need to cross in order to reach the shipyard and swimming is not a mechanic that’s currently in Warzone, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be added. Also, it could have to do with how poorly the rest of the map looks as it probably isn’t intended to be flown around in free cam.

For the rest staying hopeful though, maybe Shipment’s island is Caldera and the Gulag will be in there for people to battle it out for redeployment. Only time will tell, as Season 1 and the new Warzone Pacific will be in the game soon.