Do Warzone stats reset in Season 1? MW3 integration explained

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As the clock ticks toward the launch of Modern Warfare 3’s Season 1 and the new Warzone, many fans of the popular battle royale are left wondering if their stats will reset.

Following a call between content creators and Warzone developers, it has now been revealed that an overwhelming number of changes are on the way as the new Warzone drops on December 6.

These changes are set to significantly impact not just the gameplay but have an impact on stats and progression, especially for those who have racked up countless hours in the previous game.

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Here’s everything you need to know about the stat reset and its implications.

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Will Warzone stats reset in MW3 Season 1?

Yes, it has been revealed that all Warzone stats will be reset when Season 1 launches on Modern Warfare 3 on December 6.

The reset wipes clean all previously earned victories and kills in Warzone. This development is a part of Warzone’s integration into Modern Warfare 3, representing a fresh start.

Alongside the reset, players can look forward to an array of new features, including fresh gameplay, a revamped map, and an arsenal of new weapons in what is a new beginning for Warzone.

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Warzone fans were quick to comment on the news that stats will reset for Urzikstan, and it’s a mixed bag of reactions from players.

Many appear to be glad that statistics will be reset, commenting, “Good, was never tracked right anyway,” and “as they should be.”

Others, seemingly more worried about losing their historical progress, commented, “Will they at least make a historical tab for Al Mazrah to where u can see ur MWII stats then MWIII.”

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