CoD Vanguard Zombies trick lets players level up weapons faster than ever

Jaret Kappelman
CoD Vanguard Zombies trick lets players level up weapons faster than ever

Players have been grinding to max out their weapons and a Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies tricks lets them level up faster than ever.

There are 32 weapons in CoD Vanguard that players need to level up in order to unlock all the attachments or get Atomic camo.

While it can be tedious to level up each weapon, and it can take over six hours for just one gun, people are always looking for ways to make it faster.

People like JGOD and others had recommended starting away from Zombies to level up weapons. But a new trick is letting players get weapon XP at a historic pace.

Two Zombies Call of Duty
Vanguard’s Zombies has a new method to level up weapons faster than ever

Vanguard Zombies trick to level up weapons fast

It can be a grind to max out a weapon in Vanguard, as primaries have 70 levels and take around 150,000 XP to complete.

However, this can be extremely easy to do within Zombies while utilizing this nifty trick. To do this, players must load into a game and play for about two minutes before backing out and repeating over and over.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to maximize the amount of weapon XP you get:

  1. Load into a Solo Zombies game
  2. Kill all the zombies in starting spawn (about 10)
  3. Enter a “Transmit” portal and kill all 21 zombies
  4. Leave game and repeat.

This is super-efficient because you can earn around 2,000 XP in about 2-3 minutes of playing. This means you can earn around 60,000 an hour and even more if it’s Double Weapon XP.

While it usually takes around six hours to get 150,000 XP in multiplayer this cuts the time needed in half by using this method.

JGOD, who has maxed out all his Vanguard weapons, said he used this strategy to help get XP faster.

So if you’re looking to have your weapons leveled up for the new Warzone Pacific map or need them unlocked to get Atomic camo, definitely try this out.

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