JGOD reveals easy method to level up Vanguard weapons for Warzone

Jacob Hale

Many Warzone and Vanguard players are still in the grinding process right now, leveling up Vanguard weapons so they’re ready for the new Caldera map when it arrives on December 8. CoD guru JGOD may have found the easiest method to complete this process — but it might not be fun.

If you want to stay ahead of the Warzone meta, getting your Vanguard weapons to max level should be a top priority.

When the Pacific integration brings the new Caldera map to Warzone, you’ll be thrown in with a mix of Modern Warfare, Cold War, and Vanguard weapons. Before long, though, the Vanguard weapons will likely start to become meta.

If you want to stay ahead and not worry about hopping into Plunder to get the latest OP weapon leveled up, you’re going to want to get them done beforehand, and JGOD’s new method might be the easiest way to do it.

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Though this method doesn’t look particularly fun, it definitely seems efficient, as later explained by JGOD.

In the clip below, JGOD shows off his new trick, which he used to level up his pistols among others. All he’s doing is pistol-whipping zombies before backing out and starting again.

He says he kills about 35 zombies using this method, at which point he pulls himself out and loads up the Zombies mode once again.

JGOD went on to explain in a later tweet that he popped 2XP tokens to do it, and it took him around three hours to fully level each pistol from 1-60.

He also added that this is possible for all weapons, and it took him around four hours each to get others up from 1-70 using this method.

So, if you’re struggling to really get those levels up while preparing for the new Warzone Pacific — or just to dominate in Vanguard’s multiplayer — this trick might be your best bet to move through them as quickly as possible.

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