Fortnite players reveal best way to level up fast before Chapter 5 Season 1 ends

Josh Taylor
Fortnite player getting XP and leveling up fast.

Fortnite players in the community have revealed all the best ways you can level up fast and rack up your XP for your Battle Pass this season, as the end of Chapter 5 Season 1 is nearly here.

Fortnite players are often looking for genius ways to earn XP fast and surge up the levels every season.

As Chapter 5 Season 1 is finally drawing to a close, it is more important than ever to get XP to make sure you get all this season’s rewards, particularly from the Battle Pass.

One player asked the question to the community, as players flooded in with waves of ways and exploits they have used this season that they can use to maximize their XP earnings fast and rank up quickly.

Fortnite players show how to level up fast before it’s too late

Fortnite player SanTNTino_1 called for help and asked: “How the f*ck do people level up so fast? Can I get any advice?”

One player started with a somewhat genius way, “Best tip, let your nephew play,” as another responded: “I do this, let my 5-year-old jam it for an hour after school, lil man levels me 3, 4, sometimes 5 levels every time he just plays Creative.”

However, If you don’t have any family or friends to use to grind your XP, then here are all the other genius ways you can storm through the levels according to the community.

LEGO Fortnite, Rocket Racing and Festival

Exploiting daily LEGO Fortnite, Rocket Racing and Festival quests have been a popular method since they were introduced this season. “I exploited the LEGO and Jam Track 5 level a day XP. I wasn’t enjoying this season at all so I grinded the easy XP,” a player stated.

Head over to the Quests tab, to check out all of the daily quests on offer for the new modes, which are especially easy in comparison to others.

Specifically, for LEGO Fortnite you can even exploit the XP without even actively playing: “I just go into the Sandbox game mode and sit in it afk. I believe it resets when the shop resets (like 6 pm CST?).”

It is also worth noting that for the daily Festival Jam Track quests, “you have to change your track at least once every two minutes or it stops tracking.”

Creative maps

The Pit Red vs Blue maps

Many others suggested using particular Creative maps, which have been often overlooked, but certain ones can provide fast ways to rack up your XP. Here are all the best maps:

Red vs Blue

A Creative map type that was praised for its XP benefits, was ‘Red vs Blue,’ which we have a whole guide on the best Red vs Blue maps. But, for this, we would recommend using the most popular map called ‘Crazyy Red vs Blue’ which has fast close-quarters combat.

Crazyy Red vs Blue map code: 2898-7886-8847


Tycoon maps were also shared by many as their favorite Creative maps to use to level up quickly, with one stating they “feel illegal.” In particular, Super Tycoon is one of the most popular and best to use.

Super Tycoon map code: 0769-4415-8818

Valhalla: Bossfight

The map “Valhalla: Bossfight” was also mentioned. As one player shared: “I used this having fun killing zombies, collecting coins, and spam buying at the shop in the map. Max XP in an hour.” Another added: “Once you start getting less than 100 exp on chest/kills/shop purchases you’re close to max.”

Valhalla: boss fights map code: 4420-8150-0081

Daily Battle Royale match quests

Daily match quests are a key way to get easy XP while playing Battle Royale. Once you drop in, just make sure to select one of the three easy quest options Epic gives you and get that XP.

Although these have been in the game for a while and flash up before every match, they can be often forgotten about. One player shared that by just doing these and the Rocket Racing quests daily, they were able to get to level 150.

Please note, if any of these Fortnite methods don’t work for you, you may have just already hit your XP cap in those particular game modes for that day.

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